Best European Countries for Relocation

by Julia on May 4, 2018

Relocation to Europe is a dream for many people from all walks of life, meaning, from different backgrounds and at different ages. Graduate students seek an escape in a long-distance travel across European countries and families seek a better, more satisfying place to live. Whatever the reason may be, it is agreed that relocation to Europe can be a wonderful experience. We have gathered for you some interesting information about 3 of the best European countries to relocate to. Take your time to check them out.


England is one of the most influential countries on world history, culture and politics. It is considered as one of the most culturally diverse countries in the world, so that fact alone helps expats greatly. Nevertheless, it is the birthplace of the English language so you don’t need to add an extra foreign language to your vocabulary, making moving to England from the USA that much easier.

Regarding cost of living, American expats who move to England from the USA can expect manageable costs and prices, and also, finding great work opportunities is much more applicable if you’re locating to the London area. Just know that moving to England from the USA is not an easy task, especially if you relocate with your family. So, find a good, professional and experienced moving company to get you safely through.


This Scandinavian country has what you need in terms of rich history and beautiful landscapes and is considered to be one of the happiest countries in the world. Want to know how come? Pack your things and relocate to find out. It turns out that Denmark has a positive approach towards living the good life. Togetherness is important there, that is why communities play a large part in everyday life. Also, crime rates are incredibly low.

Schools are very popular and focused on raising socially connected children and less on testing. Unemployment percentage is extremely low and the socioeconomic status is very good. Planning to have a baby? Maternity and paternity leave are very generous. For all these reasons and more, Denmark can be very appealing for relocation.


Just south of the great island of Britain, you will find a country where the food is delicious and the language is romantic – France. The birthplace of Napoleon Bonaparte and Marie Antoinette has a lot to offer expats. The modern French lifestyle and pace differ from those of the United States. Here, you will spend more time eating, more time shopping and more time with your friends and family. Sounds good?

Family time and leisure are more important for the French people than work. That is why you will find yourself enjoying the scenery, touristic sites and the rich food it offers.

Relocation is a dream that may come true, if you will it. Take all considerations in mind and build your move step by step. And most importantly, moving to Europe, and especially moving to England from the USA is an adventure, so have fun along the way!

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