Best Mykonos luxury villas for rent: Heaven is indeed a place on Earth

by Julia on April 30, 2018

Have you ever been to Mykonos island?  Well then, you definitely should. People from all over the world are calling it ‘Heaven on Earth’. And with good reason. It’s a wondrous paradise where culture, lifestyle and luxury, become one.

Have you ever experienced the ultimate luxury of having your own private villa with a private pool, overlooking the sea?

Mykonos offers you just that! Luxurious villas with complete privacy. These Mykonos villas are your ultimate destination if you’re someone who enjoys luxury, elegance and style. Imagine yourself in one of these villas. Waking up every morning to the calming sound of the waves and feeling the light breeze on your sun-kissed face.

After you’ve enjoyed a marvellous day at the beach, you come back to your private villa and while having a cocktail in your hand, you’re relaxing by the pool with your loved one and you’re watching the sky change into the most magical colours at sunset.

Now that sounds like Heaven is indeed a place on Earth.

Mykonos Luxury’s team is tirelessly working, in order to satisfy your every need. No one knows the island better and their goal is to grant you the experience of a lifetime.

Because Mykonos Luxury know how much quality vacation means to you.

All the apartments and villas are all handpicked and can be found in some of the most beautiful locations all around Mykonos. An impressive collection and a wide range variety of carefully selected luxurious villas, that guarantee a unique experience, equal to unique guests.

Mykonos Luxury Villa Romina in Pouli

“Our understanding of ‘luxury’ is very simple. Getting exactly what you want, when you want it. That’s our whole purpose here at Mykonos Luxury. Our lifestyle managers are always available to provide any request you might have. This service is included in all our bookings” Mykonos Luxury Team

Imagine yourself diving into the crystal clear blue waters, exploring all the hidden caves and beaches and being surrounded by whitewashed buildings with blue accents.

The scenery can’t get any more idyllic than that!

You can watch the sunset on a private yacht, while having a refreshing drink and go on a cruise, exploring the majestic Aegean beauty. We offer you a great collection of luxurious yachts, that will give you some of the most unforgettable memories of your life.

Anything and everything is possible at Mykonos Luxury. We can make even your wildest dreams come true and your ideal summer vacation, a reality.

Mykonos is the definition of luxury and Mykonos Luxury is the definition of luxurious living.

Contact the team today and get ready for the most luxurious experience of your life. Book your private villa now. One thing’s for sure. You’ll be making some memories, that’ll follow you, long after your holiday is over.

Mykonos is much more than an island. It’s a cosmopolitan dream, you simply have to have.

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