Fun Ideas For a California Road Trip

by Julia on April 23, 2018

Among the many beautiful countries, the United States is highly ranked for the best road trips. Among the few factors that make it this great are its beautiful road infrastructure, affordable gas rates, and the beautiful itineraries it has. Due to these factors, it is self-explanatory why one of its states, California, has with time been receiving many road trip visitors. California has proven to be with some of the greatest features that are conducive to road trips. Among these features are excellent climate, national parks, and many more. This article lists the best things to do in Ontario, California.

La Jolla Cove

This place is good for activities such as shopping, snorkeling, and scuba diving amongst others. Besides, there are numerous oceanfront restaurants that you can refresh yourself from during your road trip.

Potato Chip Rock

You may want to pass by the Potato Chip Rock and go hiking. The Mt Wood Summit Potato Chip Rock offers the great experience that will leave you feeling refreshed in the long run.

Newport Beach, California

At New Beach California, you can have the best experience riding on a yacht. Here, you can do many activities as you prefer. To begin with, there are plenty of bikes to rent where you can have one to cruise around California beaches and experience the adventure. In addition, you can try docking while riding on a yacht as you dine while having the best sea experience.

Laguna Beach, California

California has got numerous beautiful beaches where you can have a great experience. For instance, the Crystal Cove State Park can offer the best environment for bonfire picnic. Besides, there are over 9 other beaches to choose from where you can experience the beautiful California sunset.

Santa Monica, California

Santa Monica has a string of beautiful bars and restaurants where you can chill while on your road trip. This is especially on the coast of Los Angeles where there are plentiful artwork and millennials you can enjoy watching.

Venice Beach, California

At Venice Beach, a lot of fun activities such as skating and bike riding can keep you busy on your tour. These activities can be found in Abbot Kinney and Venice Skate Park, the most famous Venice sites.

Beverly Hills and West Hollywood, California

Get to see the infamous Hollywood walk of fame and man Chinese theater. You can also do shopping in rodeo drive as you capture your favorite sites alongside the drive. You can take time to have the beautiful view of the famous Hollywood sign and the skyline as well.

San Diego Zoo Safari Park

San Diego Zoo Safari Park is more of a sister attraction to the San Diego Zoo. It is amazing in that it recreates a real African safari right outside the city. While on your road trip you can decide to pick a tradition safari adventure for a journey of your choice. Besides, you can also take a trip around the park on the African Tram where you can get to see a bit of everything. It offers a great experience for every visitor regardless of age.

California has so many amazing things to offer. From the observables to things that you can do, you can never run out of fun activities in this state. The above-mentioned itineraries are just among the few famous 18 Things To Do In Ontario, California. You can visit these sites and experience the best in your California road trip.

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