Travel Essentials For Minimalists

by Julia on April 3, 2018

If you would like to make the most of travelling, you should probably try minimalist packing. You don’t need to carry a huge luggage when travelling, and going minimalist does not mean you will have to leave behind some important items. It is about playing with space and getting creative with the things you will need while travelling. It may seem like a daunting idea, but with this guide, you will find it worth giving a try.

It starts with your mindset

The first thing you need to do to become a minimalist traveller is to alter your mindset and embrace a change of lifestyle that matches with minimalism. To achieve your goal of ultra-light packing, you need to make important changes to your life, and this could include omitting some items you are used to. Get comfortable with simplicity and distinguish wants from needs so you can pick what can keep you going without consuming extra space.

Get a smaller bag

Minimalism is about getting things that define the lifestyle like the best minimalist wallet or a smaller bag. Since you will need to carry fewer items, a big bag might not be necessary. With little space, you will be triggered to arrange your items creatively so you won’t have to sacrifice space. This is something you should train yourself to adopt as it amounts to a change of a norm, and at first, you might encounter challenges. Once you successfully do it, you should repeat the process and with time you will fully become a minimalist.

Analyze your packing list

Reducing your packing list comes with the need to answer a few questions.

When packing, ask the following questions:


  1. Which items are likely to go unused, or went unused on my previous trips?

  2. Are there habits that are not essential that I can omit from my routine and still enjoy the trip?

  3. Can I get smaller versions of the things I have included in my packing list?


These questions will give you answers that will help you to omit items you don’t need while travelling. It is a good way to simplify your packing list to include only important items.

Pick the essentials

One thing you will note about minimalist packing is that it focuses on stripping down items and focusing on only those that are essential. The most important items you need include your passport/ID, credit cards and cash, and your phone and charger. You should never leave without these.

Simplify your clothing

You can also highlight your clothing and simplify the things you pack.

To help you see how you can achieve a minimalist clothing packing list, consider this list:


  • A pair of pants

  • 1 yoga pant or mini-skirt

  • 2 shirts

  • A jacket or sweater

  • 3 pairs of underwear

  • 2 pairs of socks

  • An extra pair of shoes

  • One extra bra


Depending on the trip you are going, you could choose to include some few more items. What you have to make sure is to include all essentials that will help to make your trip a success. Don’t forget toiletries and your essential gadgets as well as travel documents.

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