Five Amazing Family-Friendly May Half-Term Break Holiday Destinations

by Julia on March 27, 2018

With May half-term fast approaching, here are some of the top holiday destinations for your family to keep in mind when contemplating their ideal getaway.

May half-term gives families the opportunity to take a much-needed break and recharge, before beginning the last push towards summer. It falls during a transitional time of year, when the promise of summer is in the air, yet there are still plenty of grey days and temperatures that point back to the chill of seasons just receding. So, in essence, May half-term might just be the ideal excuse your family needs to leave memories of winter behind and chase the sun. So, why not set off to a destination full of beaches, fun-filled activities and plenty of chances to spend carefree (and warm!) moments together in the sunshine?

This May half-term, here are some of the sunny holiday spots that fit the bill – most of them within easy traveling distance. All of these getaways deliver a range of things to see, do and experience that are bound to appeal to almost every member of the family.

Cornwall, UK

Closest to home, Cornwall sits on the south-western edge of England. Yet, even though it is within the borders of the UK, a half-term trip to this enchanting region will still leave you feeling as if you’ve escaped from the ordinary. Indeed, Cornwall has much to enthral those in search of an idyllic beach half-term holiday.

While temperatures in May in this area of England might not quite rise to the level of sweltering, they are quite respectable. Which is good news when you consider that Cornwall boasts 300 miles of spectacular coastline, and more than 400 glorious beaches. From secluded sandy coves caressed by turquoise seas, to bustling stretches of sand complete with restaurants and ice cream shops – Cornwall’s beaches come in all shapes and sizes, with delights enough to please every taste.

Nature-lovers can walk through beautiful scenery to discover deserted inlets and hunt together for shells on untrodden sands. Action-seekers can surf, paddleboard and take part in a whole array of water sports in the area’s aquamarine waters. And, the whole family can wander through the charming streets of medieval harbour towns and feast on delicious treats, such as Cornish pasties and cream teas.

If you plan to head to Cornwall for this May half-term break, you’ll be spoiled for choice when it comes to family-friendly places to stay. One of the most luxurious and appealing options is CLC World’s holiday resort in Cornwall, CLC Trenython Manor, part of the well-known CLC World family of resorts. CLC World’s resort in Cornwall bestows an unbeatable location, plush self-catering accommodation and a collection of first-rate amenities, many expressly geared towards families.

Costa del Sol, Spain

A little further afield, yet still very easy to reach, Spain’s Costa del Sol region averages 300 days of sunshine each year, with the mercury regularly topping 23 degrees in May. Situated on Spain’s south-east shores, in Andalucia, the Costa del Sol delivers plenty of sunshine and tonnes of fun outdoor activities, perfect for a family holiday and a welcome respite from any lingering winter blahs.

In addition to its abundance of Blue Flag, sandy beaches, the Costa del Sol also provides many family-themed events and activities to take part in. For instance, you can check out exotic animals living and interacting in their natural habitats at the innovative Bioparc Fuengirola. Or, ride a cable car to the top of a local mountain and marvel at awe-inspiring views that span 300 kilometres on a clear day – all the way to Gibraltar andnorth Africa.

If you’re looking for the ideal base for your half-term jaunt to the Costa del Sol, you can’t go wrong considering one of the superb, family-friendly CLC World resorts on the Costa del Sol. A CLC World Costa del Sol holiday stay lets your family benefit from sumptuously spacious accommodation, as well as an impressive line-up of features, including nightly entertainment options, fully equipped gyms and spas, a choice of fine dining establishments and renowned teen and kids’ clubs, where the younger members of the party will not only be well taken care of, they’ll have a blast.

Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon is an under-the-radar holiday spot that is currently generating a fair amount of buzz. Due to its relatively close proximity to the UK, as well as its mild weather and its raft of sun-drenched diversions, this Portuguese city has started to become a favourite place for getaways. And, because of its family-friendly vibe, Lisbon might just earn a space in the running for your May half-term break destination.

Although it bears the distinction of being the capital city of a major European nation, Lisbon nevertheless manages to preserve a more laidback feel. With its picturesquely curving back streets, tree-lined boulevards and stately-paced trams, this is one city that invites you to leisurely uncover its treasures, with a minimum of hustle and bustle.

The whole family can wander arm-in-arm through the refurbished dock area, or stroll through the gorgeous gardens and open spaces of Lisbon’s historical Belem quarter. Enjoy an authentic and colourful local meal together, Portuguese style, in one of the city’s many child-welcoming fado tavernas.

And, of course, head to the beach! Only 30 kilometres from the centre of Lisbon, and easily accessible by train, sits the elegant marina town of Cascais, the jewel of Portugal’s Riviera district. Sunbathe and swim to your hearts’ content. Then see what’s on the menu at one of the quaint family-friendly restaurants that line the pedestrianised streets of this entrancing seaside town.

Tenerife, Canary Islands

Just a couple of hours further away than Lisbon, Tenerife beckons families with a whole host of sun-splashed attractions. Nestled just off the north-western coast of Africa, in the vast Atlantic Ocean, the largest of the Canary Islands offers many family-oriented advantages.

To begin with, the weather in Tenerife has been rated as amongst the best on the planet (by none other than the US space agency, NASA). Temperatures rarely, if ever, dip below a respectable 19 degrees, even in the dead of winter. And, in May, they’re likely to hover around a balmy 23 degrees. Additionally, Tenerife displays a dramatic, volcanically-created landscape that incorporates everything from stunning lava formations and black-sand beaches, lapped by vivid blue-green seas, to picturesque towns and a wide range of activities that are bound to please families.

Brave the water slides and pulse-pounding rides at Siam Park, Tenerife’s massive waterpark. Visit UNESCO World Heritage Site Mount Teide National Park, which is filled with astonishing natural phenomena, such as a moonscape created by lava flow and the third highest active volcano on the planet, which soars a breath-taking 3,718 metres above sea level. Plus, don’t forget to spend some blissful hours on one of Tenerife’s majestic beaches, either the black-sand variety or, if you prefer, a sweep of pristine white sand.

When you’re ready to make the most of this isle’s incredible sights and attractions, there are many wonderful family-oriented places to stay, including CLC World’s Tenerife resorts. Each of the six sublime CLC World holiday resorts on Tenerife provides plush accommodation, world-class amenities, an outstanding selection of places to eat and supremely fun and well-supervised teen and kids’ clubs.


Aegean Coast, Turkey

The exotic Aegean coast of Turkey marks an original and inspired choice for a family half-term adventure in the sun. In fact, this spectacular destination might just surprise you with the amount of fun and family-pleasing factors that it has on display.

Straddling the continents of Europe and Asia, Turkey radiates an almost mystical allure and will leave you feeling that you’ve journeyed halfway around the earth (even though it’s less than a five-hour flight from most UK airports). Watch your kids’ eyes light up when they catch sight of the vibrant wares for sale in a local bazaar, or when they gaze at the exquisite natural formations known as the cotton castle of Pamukkale. Spend lazy hours in the sunshine on golden-sand beaches, and swim together in the refreshing jade waters of the Aegean Sea.

When choosing your family’s luxurious holiday headquarters in Turkey, be sure to take a look at one of CLC World’s resorts on the Aegean coast. Once you cross the threshold of your CLC World Aegean coast resort, your entire family will immediately feel at home and ready to venture out and enjoy all the cultural, historical and scenic wonders that this remarkable corner of the globe has to reveal. Without a doubt, it’ll be a half-term holiday that your family will remember fondly for years and years to come.

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