The World’s Most Regularly Visited Cities For Business Travel

by Julia on March 22, 2018

Traveling for business is a necessary part of some jobs and cannot be avoided, but there are some destinations which can be rewarding in both a business sense and on a personal level too. With the need for traveling abroad now more important than ever as a result of so many multi-national corporations, ensuring that you are getting the best price you can for your business when you are sending people on business trips is paramount.  With help from corporate travel management companies, you are able to get the best price for every aspect of the business trip, while ensuring everything is organised at all times. Within this piece we are going to be looking at the most regularly visited cities for business travel.


With businesses all over the world liaising with the main business hub in the UK, it is no surprise to see the capital of the United Kingdom topping our list as one of the most travelled to cities for business trips. There are a large number of businesses which have a base in the UK, and as a key financial and business district in the world, with a growing number of opportunities, the numbers are likely to keep on growing.


Vienna is a popular location for business travel, due to its location in the centre of Europe. As a result of this, Vienna is the ideal location for any major European company and with the UN headquarters being based here, it’s no surprise to see a growing number of individuals travelling to the country for business, with a number of individual businessmen and women, alongside diplomats and other important figures. Vienna has be designed to accommodate all these business travellers, by incorporating fast running and reliable public transport, as well as exceptionally built hotels to allow for the most comfortable of visits.


As the financial capital of the Netherlands, Amsterdam continues to be a popular location for travellers. With a large business district similar to that of Paris and a rival to that of London’s Canary Wharf, the opportunities provided by this city for businesses and business travellers is quickly expanding. In addition to this, there is no language barrier, which is key for avoiding miscommunication.


45% of visitors that head to Paris are on business, which is an extensive number of people per year visiting the city of lights for business purposes, as opposed to enjoying the glitz and glamour. The business sector of Paris is kept separate from the rest within the business district of La Defense, which is beneficial because it means that all businesses are able to liaise in one place during working hours. La Defense is located in the northwest and on the south bank of the Seine, with the highest government buildings being located near the Eiffel Tower. Paris is also specifically associated with high end or designer brands such as Chanel and Christian Dior, with numerous fashion brands creating their designs in-house. This makes Paris a highly attractive option for business professionals operating within a huge number of different sectors and industries.

All of the above locations are very frequently visited locations in the world of business and have adapted in order to accommodate the visitors coming in from foreign countries on business. As business opportunities around the world continue to expand, the amount of people traveling on business to different places all around the world will quickly expand also, thus expanding the economy of each of these places.

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