How to Experience the Most Romantic Vacation

by Julia on February 27, 2018

People go on vacation for all kinds of reasons; business, historical interest, relaxation. One of the most fun things to while abroad is taking a special someone and indulge in a few days of romance. Showing that you care about someone enough to organize a special trip is a great way to their heart, as well as demonstrating that you listen to their preferences when they describe their ideal vacation. Here are some tips for planning a romantic getaway that both you and your significant other with remember for years.


 One: Prepare in Secret

The first part of the journey is getting to your destination. If you think your partner would appreciate the surprise, don’t give them too many details about what awaits you both at the other end. If you want to be extra secretive, write them a list of items they will need on vacation and leave them to imagine where you might be going. Book your travel well in advance, so you have time to plan around everyday life such as work and childcare. You don’t want practicality getting in the way of romance. It’s important to make sure that your partner is available for the period of time you expect to be away, even if you’re hoping for it to be a surprise. Of course, if your partner is not a fan of surprises, have fun planning the trip with them. It can be a bonding moment for you both as you research dream destinations and romantic hotels.


Two: Travel in Style

Although the most fun part of vacation is the location itself, there are many ways that transport can be turned into a romantic activity too. For example, when visiting Italy you can hire a water taxi in Venice to take you where you need to go while at the same time starting your vacation on an exciting note. Whisk your loved one away on a boat or a luxury train to add to the romance. If you can afford to, you could save up your money beforehand and book first class travel wherever possible to make your journeys as pampered and romantic as can be. The smoother your transport, the more time you have to spend concentrating on having fun with your loved one.


Three: Make Memories

Once abroad, it is up to you what activities you feel like participating in. Do you think you and your partner will be too preoccupied with one another to do very much? Or does your significant other have a particular interest that lends itself to a romantic couple’s activity? Going on a tour together or finding classes that teach you how to make local delicacies can be excellent for treating yourselves to something new. Take plenty photographs of each other in the places that bring you joy as these will spark memories for years to come of all the fun you have together. Making memories is what vacations are all about, so enjoy each other’s company and share the journey.

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