5 Most Beautiful And Famous Cycle Routes in The UK

by Julia on February 27, 2018

Are you planning to have a cycling tour soon? There are a lot of cycling options in the United Kingdom that you can follow no matter how basic your skill is. These are five of the most famous cycle routes in the UK:

East Anglia – 160 miles from Fakenham to Harwich

East Anglia, with its rolling countryside features, is a special route that every cyclist should try out in the future. It is still a very rural region so it would be normal to see agricultural lands and virgin forests as you bike through the route.

Apart from just pedaling with their bikes, cyclers may also want to make some stops along the way. This particular cycling route is full of camping destinations. So you may want to set up your tent for the evenings instead of booking a ridiculously expensive hotel. You can also stop by some pubs along the way if you feel like it.

East Anglia will prove to be an easy route for beginners. Not only is the distance quite short in cycling terms, but the landscape that bikers will have to go through are not difficult to cycle in.

Sea to Sea Cycle Route - 130-200 miles from Workington or Whitehaven to Newcastle or Sunderland

This route is called “sea to sea” because it takes the cyclist from one coast of the island of Great Britain to the other. The two seas that are referred to in the name are the North Sea on the east and the Irish Sea on the west.

In this route, you can either start in Sunderland or Newcastle-upon-Tyne in the North Sea coast or then end in two other points in the Irish Sea side.

The Sea to Sea Cycle Route is perfect for those who are looking for some midlevel action. The route is still quite easy though the notoriously hilly Lake District can pose some challenges.

John O’Groats to Land’s End – 860 miles from John O’Groats to Land’s End

Arguably the most popular cycling route in the United Kingdom, the trail from Land’s End and John O’Groats is a wonderful way to experience traversing the entire island of Great Britain.

This trail is chosen by many experienced cyclists due to the wide range of terrain that is covered by the route. If you start at Land’s End, you can see the moors that are characteristic of southwestern England. As you go up north, you will be able to view the rugged English landscape until you reach the Scottish Highlands and culminating in John O’Groats.

While the actual roads that you will be going through are not particularly difficult, it is advisable that the cyclists who do this route are the advanced ones due to the insane distance that will be covered.

Wales Top to Bottom – 250 miles from Anglesey to Cardiff

Everybody talks how beautiful England and Scotland is but when it comes to great landscapes, Wales may trump both.  This presents a wonderful opportunity for cyclists to enjoy nature in Welsh territory.

One advantage cycling in Wales possesses is that you can finish biking through the country in just a day. So if you are in a hurry to finish your cycling goals, Wales may be the place to be.

That said, while the views are stunning, the landscape in Wales can involve a lot of climbing. This is why this route is largely taken by the more seasoned cyclists. Weather in Wales can be unpredictable as well, which can make things even more difficult than already is.

Thames Valley – 100 miles from London to Oxford

Do not want to get out too far from London? The Thames Valley route has most of its bike network within the Greater London Area. It would be amazing if you are able to follow the River Thames when you cycle.

If there is one cycle route in the United Kingdom that would be appropriate for beginners, it is the Thames Valley route. It has a shorter distance between its endpoints and is quite flat. Plus, you do not really have to go through rural areas as it starts in the urban giant that is London and the university town of Oxford.


These are some of the most scenic cycle routes you can ever enjoy biking in UK. But to have the best experience you need the right bicycle and other necessary accessories. If you are a woman, you should pick one from this huge women’s bicycle collection. If you are a man, there are so many high-quality men’s comfort bikes you can choose from. Choose your preferred bikes today and have fun biking on the above-mentioned famous UK bicycle routes.

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