Simple Secrets to Totally Rocking Your Dash Cam For Traveling

by Julia on February 20, 2018

Dash cameras help to capture live videos as you drive. These recorded videos could be useful especially where you are called to argue your defense in a case involving an accident. Many insurance companies may want to bring up arguments that will leave you with no compensation knowing that it was not your fault entirely, and that is why having a dash cam could help you prove your case and get compensated. It is also useful where someone who causes an accident accuses you of being in the wrong. The ideas below could help you make the best out of your dash camera.

Auto Start and Stop

This is an essential tool that works with your dash camera. Some dash cams offer an option where the camera is switched off immediately you switch the car off, and switched on when the car starts running. This could be good way to ensure you only capture the things that are necessary. The dash cam comes with a cable that you can insert in the car’s cigarette lighter, and you could set some delay of say, five minutes, which allows the camera to run for that time after you switch the car off.

Loop Recording

Loop recording is an awesome feature that you should also try. In normal cases, the video is saved in a memory card and when it gets full everything stops. However, loop recording basically overwrites on the existing memory so your storage is always updated with the most recent events. The benefit is that you will not need to manually delete content from the card as it is cleaned on the go. The only downside is that you need to remove videos and copy to another location else they will be formatted as the camera overwrites on the memory card.

Setting a Recording Angle

The recording angle that comes default in many dash cameras is 120 degrees. This is a wide angle recording and that means you have more street view on both ends. There are cameras that give you up to 170 degrees that you can choose that will give you even more street view. You could also buy a wide lens that can be attached on to the camera to achieve wider angles.

Setting Resolution

It is also important to ensure the resolution set for the camera is high enough to ensure the video shows clearly what is happening in the surrounding. The most recommended resolution is 720p because with this you get a decent resolution and you are also able to save on space. 1080p is also perfect but you need to sacrifice a lot of space as the files are heavier.

Storage Card

Most importantly, you need a card that is able to carry a lot of content. You should consider using a card with not less than 64GB of space. Head over to for storage card information and to see where you can get one.

Before you install a dash cam, know some of the things you could do that will help you make the best out of it. Such ideas include using a bigger memory card, setting the right resolution and ensuring you adjust settings so the camera is switched on and off automatically.


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