7 of the Most Innovative Gadgets for Travellers Today

by Julia on February 14, 2018

Many are the times we go travelling and our trips fail to turn out as well as we had planned – probably because we did not have the right equipment or accessories. There are gadgets, kit and accessories that have been invented just to make it easier and more fun for travellers. This is why, we are going to give you 7 of the most innovative gadgets you can use as a traveller, just to make your next trip a little bit better. Let’s go!

1. Travel Steam Iron

This iron is very small, it could even fit in your pocket. It actually has the same size as that of a computer mouse. It has three levels of fabric heating, with a 420 watt motor. How cool? Therefore, if you are planning to go for a business trip, you do not have to carry a big iron box to add to your luggage since this steam iron is All you need for your trip , because your wrinkled clothes from the packing will be sorted.

2. Rolo

It has mesh pockets where you can pack your clothes. After packing, you just roll it up to compress it then put it in a bigger suitcase. You can also also carry it on its own, if the trip is just short and quick. It also has an attached hook, so you can hang the rolo on a frame or just a tree branch. Amazing right?

3. Luggage Scooter

When travelling, especially by air, you need to carry a luggage, which could be heavy carrying because that huge bag is packed with so many things. Bless the innovator that came up with this carry-on luggage. If you are a lover of style and fashion, this is the best gear for you. The scooter enables you to move easily around the airport. That is not the only thing about this luggage scooter, it also has Sound2GO speakers that are bluetooth enabled. As you move with your luggage, you can listen to your favorite music. So you can carry your luggage in style.

4. Inflating Pillow

It is small to pack. Just like its name suggests, it inflates and you can cradle it on your shoulder and also have your head leaning on it comfortably.

5. Bag Bunjee

It enables you to carry two bags using only one hand. This is because, it attaches one end of the carry handle to the other end, which slides over the elastic handle.

6. Stretchable Laces

These are must haves. The laces expand and therefore, you can slide your foot in your sneakers without having to adjust the laces first. They help you save time and energy too. They can be found online and in travelling stores.

7. Travelling Blanket

It is so comfortable. It covers your shoulders and has an aperture for your head. It is easy to pack too and it can fold itself therefore, you don’t need to have a separate case to carry it.

At the end of the day, you want to make your travel easy and fun, whether it is a business trip or a vacation. The gadgets listed above are just the best. They were invented to make your trip simpler and more fun. So make sure during your next trip, you have these gears. Up your travelling game and travel in style!

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