Best places around the world to go kayaking

by Julia on February 12, 2018

Kayaking is the type of water sport that besides being fun and offering quite a few health and fitness benefits, also triggers the desire to travel more.  There are numerous destinations across the globe that draw the interest and attention of those passionate about this sport yearly. Whether you are just a beginner or have gained some experience, discovering some of the best locations to go kayaking should be something to think about. So which places can actually give you the chance to enjoy kayaking to the fullest?

New Zealand – Milford Sound

New Zealand is one of the most popular destinations for anyone who practices this type of sport regularly, and Milford Sound is the fjord that usually draws most attention. Being surrounded by impressive green peaks, paddling the waters of Milford Sound will be nothing like you have ever experienced before. While enjoying your favorite activity you can let your let yourself carried away by the mesmerizing scenery around you.

Hawaii – Na Pali Coast

If you have been kayaking for quite some time, it’s impossible not to have heard about Na Pali Coast, being a destination recommended by all kayaking pros. Although the 17 miles coastline might be difficult to access – you can reach it only by helicopter, boat or hiking – once you get a glimpse of the natural raw beauty found there, you will see that it was worth the extra effort. Paddling on your best sit-on-top tandem kayak will give you the chance to actually discover all that this Hawaiian coastline has to offer, from breathtaking waterfalls to vibrant green cliffs.

Canada – Vancouver Island

Want to know what kayaking with orcas feels like? Then don’t miss the chance to go to Canada’s Vancouver Island. With a scenery that consists of superb mountains, and ancient forests, the marine park in the west coast of Canada is a must-see for any passionate kayaker. The wild animals, starting from dolphins and orcas and up to eagles and bears, will make paddling seem more exciting and fascinating than ever.

Mexico – Baja California

With abundant wildlife, high cliffs and a desert landscape, Baja California makes kayaking a warm and pleasant adventure. While paddling on this beach’s crystal-clear waters, you will easily be able to spot whales and other sea creatures. Once you arrive there, you will immediately fall in love with the amazing surroundings. Those living in close proximity never miss the opportunity to put their kayak rack on their car, travel to Baja California and go explore the waters.

Kayaking is the type of watersport that anybody should try once in a lifetime, combining relaxation with excitement and adrenaline rush. Once you become passionate about this sort of activity, it will also determine you to travel more and discover the best destinations for kayaking across the globe, the examples mentioned above being the ones you should have on the top of your bucket list. From Milford Sound to Hawaii’s Na Pali Coast, these locations will make each kayaking experience unique and memorable.

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