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by Julia on January 31, 2018

If you are looking for a great way to explore the most iconic city park in the US (Central Park of course), a bike tour is the standard way to take in the most of what Central Park, Manhattan, has to offer in a single trip. The park is simply too vast and full of too many worthwhile sights and stops to get the full experience on foot, and the famed horse drawn carriage rides are meant for romantic and relaxing moments, but they’re not going to give you a glance at the full scope of Central Park’s attractions.

Check out New York City Central Park bike rentals online, and you’ll soon discover how easy, cheap, and convenient it is to book a bike tour or just rent a bike on your own in Central Park.

Attractions to See on Your Central Park Bike Tour

The full list of Central Park attractions could never be listed in a short article. But here are five things to look for as you travel the park on bike-back:

1. The Greenery and Wildlife

Central Park’s scenery in general is a huge attraction in itself, but specifically, look for the 100-plus-acre Wildlife Sanctuary, the Conservatory Garden, Bethesda Fountain (“The Angel of Waters”), The Obeliks (a transplanted ancient Egyptian tower), numerous life sized statues of famous people and movie characters, abundant cherry blossom trees (in season), and the the Great Lawn with its grassy fields, ponds, and walking paths.

2. Wollman Rink

From October till early April, as long as it’s cold enough to support ice, you can stop off at Wollman Rink to ice skate in the shadow of skyscrapers. You can even skate at night under the stars, since the rink has lights. And no need to bring your skates, you can rent them on the spot. Additionally, there’s also skating lessons and ice hockey for those interested.

3. The Strawberry Fields

Strawberry Fields is a designated “quiet zone” of Central Park that has beautiful, rustically arranged trees, shrubs, and rocks besides the strawberries. It is dedicated to the memory of John Lennon of Beatles fame, and on his birth and death days, fans gather here from all over the world to pay tribute to his memory.

4. Belvedere Castle

This miniature castle sits on a rock outcropping and offers wonderful views of the surrounding parklands. Stop by, and you can learn about its amazing history and see the natural history artifacts it houses.

5. Central Park Zoo

This is the place for you especially if you bring your kids along, but even if you just love seeing animals, the Central Park Zoo and the accompanying aquarium is a must-see. The variety of creatures housed here is impressive, and you can see a number of endangered species as well.

About Central Park Bike Rentals

You can normally rent a bike with basket, helmet, lock, and other essential equipment in Central Park for around $15. And you can book a guided tour as well if you want some “history lessons” and want to be sure you don’t skip any main attractions.

You will find there are numerous bike paths and plenty of bike parking areas throughout the park. So biking is a very convenient way to explore the area.

And biking is much faster than walking, so you save time between attractions, while still being able to enjoy the rolling hills and surrounding beautiful terrain as you pass over it. Biking really is the only and best way to get a fairly comprehensive look at Central Park in only a matter of hours.

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