Unusual Solo Travel Getaways You Wouldn’t Want To Miss

by Julia on January 26, 2018

It’s that time of the year again – cold and snowy. And although solo travelers are often considered grumpy when it comes to traditions and mainstream, they can’t deny that even they get overwhelmed with the joy of Christmas holidays and the New Year.

So, where to go to and how to spend the winter.. alone?

Bare with us through the article as we drop a couple of interesting (and non-mainstream) recommendations on the subject. So let’s get to it!

Following the Christmas Fairs Route

When it’s festive time of the year, it is known that lots of world’s capitals get different, more festive outlook. However, there is more to it.

Conducting the Christmas fairs and making pedestrian areas out of city’s main boulevards is also something that’s common practice. One of the most beautiful world’s capitals traveler can experience is definitely Bruxelles.

Belgium capital is widely known for marvelous town square called Grand Place, which is considered as one of the most famous city squares in the entire world. Apart from being so beautifully decorated, Bruxelles’ city center is filled with adorable wooden shops selling all kinds of Christmas candy.

And if that’s not enough for you, you can always jump on an intercity train and head to Bruges, which is only an hour away. There you can enjoy the fairytale scenery and medieval vibe of this canal-intersected town. Don’t forget to hop on a horse carriage and just lay back and chill under the warm blanket.

One way or another, Belgium is really worth visiting during the Christmas holidays. Since it’s not considered as a regular New Year tourist destination, prices don’t deviate much from the ordinary, so it can’t be that bad for your wallet also.

Hop on the Polar Express

So, who’s that one guy most commonly associated with the Christmas? Of course, you guessed it already.

And don’t pretend that you don’t enjoy occasional cinema night watching holiday movies chirping Jingle Bells during the commercial break. Ooooh, remember that one starring Tom Hanks on a Polar Express, traveling to the North Pole? Of course, you do!

Well if you ever wondered how it feels like to be on one such ride, I have good news for you! There are plenty of services in your vicinity offering movie-like trips, recreating entire movie experience, from the original soundtrack to cups of hot cocoa. Santa included!

Give a Lending Hand to Santa Himself

Ok, if you already knew about the Polar Express, I bet you didn’t consider this one!

What about paying a visit to the Santa’s homeland and joining forces with the Elf army helping them prepare for the busiest day of the year?

Lapland, a province in Finland is considered as Santa’s natural habitat. Besides of being overly populated throughout Christmas time, it’s also well known for its snow-covered forests and frozen lakes which complete the magical circle.

This is your perfect chance to learn how to drive a snowmobile or to meet Ms. Santa herself and help her bake some cookies for the little ones.

And while you are so near to the polar circle, don’t miss your go on a traditional Finnish sauna.


If you prefer a little less of a fairytale yourself and you fancy going skiing or snowboarding somewhere nice, you should explore Thredbo. Australia has lately become a very popular destination among not only North American tourists, but among Europeans also.

Besides Australia, some nice destinations to relax and enjoy festivities while still able to hit the slopes and feel the rush of adrenaline are Zermatt in Switzerland or Trois Vallees area in French Alps.

Which one should you choose depends on whether you are looking for more crowded and resorts that are jam-packed with nightlife and other forms of entertainment. Or you’d rather opt for quieter and more family-like resort.

Also, if you are tight on your budget, there are lots of ski resort gems predominantly located in Eastern Europe, which are known to be very affordable yet very entertaining. Check out Borovets in Bulgaria for example, a resort which is also rising in popularity among western tourists.

In the End

With almost countless possibilities where to go and how to spend your winter holidays, the final choice is up to you. We hope that we ignited the spark of an idea in you giving you this nice propositions.

Again, the budget can be a very limiting factor here. You should know already how to travel to an by yourself if you have enough resources for it. On the other hand, there are plenty of options even for those who are restrained a bit by their budget.

Plan your trip and book your accommodation some time ahead in order to save your money and make sure not to make a disaster out of your journey by organizing every aspect of it and by choosing hotel carefully.

So, grab that rucksack, pack your things, bring your curiosity and adventurous spirit with you and happy holidays!


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