The Beautiful Norwegian Hurtigruten Cruise

by Julia on January 25, 2018

If you are a tourist who loves waters and beaches you will not be able to deny how ecstatic cruises are. The experience of sleeping in a comfortable bed, while you sail over the deep blue waters and indulge in the calmness and quietness of the open sea is difficult to explain. It is one hauntingly beautiful experience.

One of the best places to go on a cruise trip is Norway. Although there are number of cruises in South Asia and in the Caribbean that are famous for their luxury and grandeur, the cruise trips offered in Norway are of their kind. Not only the cruises itself are beautiful, but they also give you a chance to get a glimpse of the beautiful Northern Lights. There are many Norwegian cruises that offer exhilarating experiences across the beautiful coastline but the Norwegian Hurtigruten Cruise stands out from the rest.  Here are a few reasons why you would want to choose the beautiful Hurtigruten cruise on your next travel adventure.

Unmatched Quality Standards

The Hurtigruten cruise stands for quality and offers services that are unparalleled. It provides tailor made exhilaratingly beautiful expeditions that is accompanied by highly trained and professional staff. The teams are super friendly and very professional to serve you whenever you need. You will fall in love with the Hurtigruten cruise if you are a fan of nature and culture.

Spend time on the cruise deck in the evening to feel closer to the nature or hop off board and explore some of the many islands that are dotting the country’s amazing coastline. The cruise ensures highest standards of safety. In order to make your trip more exciting, the Hurtigruten cruise offers over 200 exciting activities.

Budget Friendly

Cruise expeditions are usually expensive around the world. However, you can save yourself from paying an arm and a leg if you book well in advance. The earlier you book your trip, the cheaper it will cost you. So if you are looking forward to some budget friendly sea expedition then plan your trip in advance and enjoy the magic of the nature,

A Learning Experience

The Hurtigruten cruise is not only great for leisure and unwinding yourself but is also amazing from educational point of you. There are teams on board that conduct daily lectures on the deck where you get to learn about different aspects regarding nature and culture that surround this beautiful country. The lectures are carried out on daily basis and the topics depend on the prevailing natural conditions such as weather.

Competent Captains

The sailors on board the Hurtigruten cruise are one of the most competent ones in the industry. They are professionally trained and are skillful enough to be able to handle the difficult polar waters with utmost ease.

Comfort and Class

The Hurtigruten cruise has one of the most comfortable accommodations that will make you feel at home away from home. The interior is intricately done while the decks are especially designed to help you get the maximum out of the nature’s bounties that you will get to experience.

Entertainment Onboard

The Norwegian coastal cruises focus on making you feel close to nature. For this reason there are not many entertainment activities on board since they tend to take away the real essence of the trip. However, there are certain musical programs on the deck that play soothing music so that you can soothe your soul.

Tantalizing Food

The food offered on board is scrumptious and finger licking delicious to say the least. The meals are served as extravagant buffets that have a wide selection of meats, juices, eggs, vegetables and cereals among other things. The meals are served three times a day at a designated space on board. Usually the food that is served indicates a rich blend of culture that is widespread in several islands around the coast. If you have special food references you can request well in advance and it will be taken care of effectively.


Like any mainstream commercial liner, the Hurtigruten cruise also offers several amenities. There is a laundry and an entertainment scene well established on board.





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