Best Road Trip Ideas Through The Southern U.S.

by Julia on January 22, 2018

Good food, massive portions, big smiles, and historical landmarks are just a glimpse of the culture of the Deep South.  Quaint little towns, breathtaking wilderness areas, and sumptuous plantation homes will keep you busy for weeks trying to grab a small experience of each facet of the South.

From San Antonio to South Carolina, America’s southern states have plenty to offer the adventure-seeking roadtripper.  Gas the car up, pack your bags, and drive safely into a memorable journey.  Take a trip with us through a few of the best road trip ideas and routes to travel on a Deep South adventure.

San Antonio, Texas

Check out the west end of the Deep South, and visit San Antonio, Texas.  Visit the Riverwalk to find all the happening shops, restaurants, and bars.  When you are done shopping, grab some amazing authentic Mexican cuisine.

After you get your fill of the city, explore The Alamo.  Get a taste of the rich history of Texas, and learn a little about the cultural roots of the area.

Tour the bayou in Louisiana

New Orleans is the most obvious destination to check out in Louisiana, but you cannot pass up the chance to tour the swamps and bayous of the Creole State.  Manchac swamp is a popular hot spot for tours.

After your brush with nature, go have a ball in the famous French Quarter.  Just be careful in New Orleans at night.  It is not the safest area of the U.S.

Selma to Montgomery, Alabama

In 1965, Selma served as the setting for a historical march for human rights.  Protesters attempted their march from Selma to Montgomery three times, and they were only granted passage on the third attempt.

Many people were injured and some even killed during the three march attempts, and the most violent day was named Bloody Sunday.  Pay your respects to the historic struggle of our nation’s African Americans, and visit Selma, Alabama.

Memphis, Tennessee

Head north to Memphis, Tennessee, and visit Graceland.  Tennessee has long been known for its musical culture, but the natural landscape should be noted as well.  Tennessee is beautiful.  Do not be afraid to take your time through this state.

Savannah, Georgia

One of the most beautiful coastal destinations on the East Coast, Savannah is the oldest city in the state of Georgia.  Here is where you will see and experience that old southern style.  Plantation homes line the streets, and Spanish moss hangs whimsically from the trees.

Taste the true flavors of the south with some down home cooking in Savannah’s notable restaurants.  The night life is also nothing to ignore.  The lights shine bright down in Georgia.

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