Handy Tips For A Mountain Biking Vacation

by Julia on December 22, 2017

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Mountain biking is a very popular activity that is loved by a wide range of people, so it isn’t surprising that every year tens of thousands of people head off on mountain biking vacations.

Whether you are going on a group trip to the French Alps or you have arranged your own DIY trip, it is important to make sure that you are fully prepared for the trip beforehand. There are some basic essentials that you should pack, but there are also a few more specific things that you will need to do for a mountain biking trip.

Here are three handy tips to make sure that you are prepared for your biking vacation.

Sort Out A Bike Bag

Something that many people overlook when they are booking a mountain biking vacation is the need for a bike bag. A purpose made bag will make it much easier for you to transport your bike around during the trip, and it will also help to protect the bike from bumps, knocks and baggage handlers, saving you from an expensive repair bill.

Train Beforehand

It can be useful to train before your vacation so that you don’t feel tired or fatigued during your trip. There are nearly 40 million Americans  who ride mountain bikes on a regular basis, but most of them don’t ride more than once or twice a week – and while mountain biking once a week is obviously physically challenging, comparatively mountain biking every day for a week or more is much tougher on your body. Also the fitter you are, the more fun you will have!

Get Adventure Sports Insurance

Mountain biking may be a lot of fun, but it is worth noting that extreme sports can result in accidents. For this reason is important to get adventure sports insurance, but take some time to shop around so that you find a reliable company. It is also worth noting that travel insurance can take a while to arrange, especially if you are currently ill or you have a pre-existing condition, so it is better to start looking sooner rather than later.

If you follow these tips your mountain biking vacation is sure to be filled with adrenaline-fueled fun – but most importantly, you are less likely to damage yourself or your equipment. No-one wants to have their holiday ruined by a hospital trip or an expensive bill!


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