7 Things to do before your next road trip

by Julia on December 14, 2017

A road trip gives you a chance to explore, bond with family and relax. Although road trips are exciting and fun, they involve a lot of preparation. If you fail to properly plan for a road trip, it can turn out
to be a frustrating affair. Here is a list of things to do before your next road trip.

1. Get your car ready

Before going on a road trip, ascertain that your car is in good condition. Have your mechanic assess the oil, brake fluid, coolant, air conditioner, battery and the tire pressure. This helps to ensure there are no
potential problems that could curtail your road trip. If your car needs serious servicing and maintenance, do it a few weeks to the road trip. Confirm it is functioning properly by taking a local drive a day or two to your next road trip.

2. Prepare a thorough list of essential items to pack

A road trip cannot be complete without carrying essential items. Apart from packing healthy snacks and drinks, there are other items necessary for a road trip. Here is a list of some items to also pack.

An emergency safety kit which should include:

· A booster cable

· A flashlight

· Tools for changing a tire

· A first aid kit

· A USB charging cable

· Water bottles

Other important items include:

· A change of clothes

· Tissues

· Toothpaste and toothbrush

· A hand towel

· A blanket

· Reusable shopping bag

3. Look for portable grooming gear

As you prepare for your forthcoming road trip, you need to look into your grooming needs. How do you keep your hair looking stylish throughout a road trip? You have to invest in a quality hair dryer prior to your next road trip. When making a choice among the available best hair dryers in the market, opt for one that is lightweight and compact. At the same time consider its speed and power. As a man, an electric shaver is important to facilitate your grooming. Choose an electric shaver that has a compact
design and does not require recharging. One of best electric shavers that is ideal for a road trip is Braun M90 mobile shaver. It does not need recharging as it is equipped with AA batteries.

4. Have a GPS or a map

A GPS is crucial when finding specific locations or addresses. If you need to locate the closest shopping mall in the course of your road trip, a GPS can come in handy.

5. Look for a portable DVD player

If your road trip involves kids, consider carrying along a DVD player. As much as kids enjoy the spirit of adventure, they need entertainment too. One or two movies will keep them excited throughout the road trip.

6. Extra cash

You can never be certain what will happen when you are on a road trip hundreds of miles away from home. For instance, your car can develop mechanical problems making you stranded. In such a situation, you need to have some extra cash. As you prepare your road trip budget, ensure you draft it appropriately and set aside some money for unforeseen situations.

7. Look for a co-driver

A good co-driver enhances your alertness on the road. The co-driver can assume the role of driving when you feel fatigued. To wrap up, don’t expect things to be perfect in your forthcoming road trip. However, planning in advance and taking into account the things mentioned here will ensure it progresses on smoothly.


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