Why You Should Fly in a Private Jet for Your Next Holiday

by Julia on November 28, 2017


There is no form of transportation more glamorous than a private jet. This luxurious form of travel has always been seen as reserved for the rich and famous, but this is now all changing. It is now easier and more affordable than ever to charter a private jet, which means that more people than ever are experiencing what this fantastic form of transportation is like.

Here are just a few reasons why you should travel in style with a private jet for your next holiday:


One of the major benefits is that you get complete privacy on the flight, unlike flying on a regular commercial plane. This means that you can fully unwind, sleep, watch whatever you want, listen to music, work or do anything else in peace. This means that the flight is a lot more enjoyable, so you arrive relaxed and in a good mood.

Facilities, Equipment & Service

Flying on a private jet is an incredible experience largely due to the amazing facilities, equipment and service – this all makes it feel like flying in an executive lounge instead of a plane. Typically, modern private jets have excellent television and music facilities, business equipment, impressive bathrooms, actual beds and more. Additionally, you will be well looked after by the staff who ensure that you have the best possible flight.

Food & Drink

Airplane food is famously bad, but not when you fly on a private jet. Instead of being limited to a few dishes, your menu is up to you so you can have anything that you wish and you know that it will taste fantastic. Additionally, why not indulge in champagne high in the sky? (you are on holiday after all!).

Avoid Security and Airport Queues

When flying on a commercial plane, you will need to give yourself around two hours to get through the airport to reach your designated gate. Security and queues can take forever and make the airport a stressful place, but this is not something that you have to worry about with this glamorous form of transportation. Instead, security will be quick and you can get driven directly to the tarmac.


Instead of being restricted to when the plane is departing, flying in a private jet allows you to pick a departure time based on your own schedule. Additionally, this means that you do not have to worry about any lengthy layovers as flights can be made directly. This also means that you can land closer to your final destination, which can take the stress out of arranging onwards travel from the airport.


Finally, this is the most glamorous form of transportation in the world and something that many people dream of doing. It is now more affordable than ever, but still equally stylish and cool. The journey is, usually, not an important part of the holiday, but this could prove to be the highlight and will certainly provide some fantastic vacation stories to share.

Flying in a private jet is an amazing experience and something that everybody should try, so consider this stylish form of transportation for your next holiday.

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