Swim Against the Tide and Try a Water-Based Getaway

by Julia on November 15, 2017

Water-based getaways are becoming more and more popular with every holidaying year that passes, and they are for good reason as well! They are becoming so popular simply because they are a different type of getaway, and they offer those that go on them the chance to do something they have probably never done before. So, maybe it’s time you started giving real thought to making your next getaway one that is based in, on or around water? To see the different types of water-based getaways that are on offer, and to see which one suits you and those you travel with the best, make sure to read on.

River cruises

If you just want to get away from all the stresses in your life, then going on a river cruise getaway is something that you should seriously be considering. This is because, frankly, there is nothing more relaxing (when it comes water-based getaways, at least) than floating down a river at a serene pace.

Some of the most popular river cruise destinations from around the world include the Seine River, Paris, France (or pretty much any other river or canal in the beautiful country of France) which is perfect for couples looking to take a romantic getaway; the river Amstel, Amsterdam, Netherlands which is ideal for people who want to truly immerse themselves in a place full of history; and The River Liffey, Dublin, Ireland is great for people that just want to relax (and enjoy themselves once they’re back on land). If a river cruise floats your boat, then make sure to check out Bolsover River Cruises where a host of river cruise deals can be found. And then, once you’ve found the perfect deal and found the perfect cruise on the perfect river, then all need do is sit back, relax, and let the water do the work for you.

Long-haul cruises

If you’re looking for a bit more than just one or two days worth of a cruise, then you should really be looking into getting yourself on board a long-haul cruise. When you do so you will truly be able to sit back and relax because you’ll be on your chosen cruise for days, if not weeks, meaning there won’t be any need on your part to move yourself about. You’ll be taken from beautiful destination to beautiful destination via the big, blue sea and you’ll have plenty of things to do to keep yourself entertained whilst this takes place.

Boat Tours

Tour boating would basically comprise of you boarding a boat, which could be anything from a yacht to a pontoon, in order to travel through and past things in our world that are noteworthy and worth seeing. For instance, you could travel via a traditional wooden-decked yacht around France in order to partake in wine tasting around the country. You could board a pontoon in Romania for ten days in order to see the natural delights of Bucharest and Transylvania, such as birds notorious with that part of the world, brown bears and even wolves. Or, you could board an educational Mediterranean cruise, or other cruises that provide and promote onboard learning, in order to not only enrich yourself with knowledge of our world, but actually see it as you do so.

Deep diving and snorkelling holidays

For those who are either more adventurous or just want to actually immerse themselves in the water on their water-based getaway, then there are plenty of deep diving and snorkelling holidays out there to wet the appetite.

Upon a deep diving holiday you would, as you can probably guess, dive deep beneath the sea. You would be able to release your inner Attenborough and see all the wonders of the blue planet, especially by taking to free diving in Mexico. Upon a snorkelling holiday, you wouldn’t be expected to dive as deeply, but you would still be able to fully immerse yourself in the water and see beneath its surface. Who knows what you may find down there?

Sea kayaking

Holidays that are completely devoted to sea kayaking, such as those found in the Highlands of Scotland, offer you the perfect chance to be up close and personal with the sea and all the nature it holds, without actually finding yourself in it (if you’re a good kayaker, that is).

If you were in fact to choose Scotland as your kayaking destination, you would start your kayaking tour on Loch Shieldaig and travel all the way to Loch Kishorn. Along the way you’d see sea otters and porpoises for sure and maybe, if you’re lucky, you’d even catch a glimpse of a migrating whale far in the distance.

The beauty with a sea kayaking getaway is that you’re not tied down to just being on the water. No, because kayaks are so easy to move around with (if you have access to a car), you can split your tour up into equal parts of kayaking, driving and even walking. And, when you do this, you give yourself the best chance possible of experiencing everything our world has to offer both on the water and on the land.

Water sports holidays

Finally, for those of your brave enough to do so, there are water sports holiday options out there for you to try out. This could include sailing. It could include windsurfing. It could include waterskiing or wakeboarding. Or it could include surfing. The point is, there are a whole host of water sport holiday options out there for adrenaline junkies, fitness fanatics and people just looking for their next adventure alike to try out and enjoy. If you decide to take this option, just make sure to pack a wetsuit!

Whether you are looking for a serene getaway or a high octane getaway, there are always going to be water-based getaway options out there for you to take. Why? Because there is always going to be water on our planet! Well, if there wasn’t, deciding where to go on holiday would be the least of our problems anyway!

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