Why is medical tourism so popular?

by Julia on November 7, 2017

More than ever, an increasing number of people are discovering the benefits of undergoing medical treatments abroad. These days, medical tourism isn’t just a cheaper alternative for patients seeking medical treatment, it also promises no compromise when it comes to quality. From finding the most inexpensive but high quality dental implants London has to offer, to other treatments and surgeries overseas, find out the reasons why a growing number people go abroad for treatment and why it is so popular below.


One of the main reasons patients travel abroad to receive medical treatments is the low cost. In fact, medical treatments and cosmetic surgery treatments received abroad can be upwards of 70% less than those available at home! The availability of affordable medical treatments is a factor that particularly appeals to patients who don’t have medical insurance in their home countries, though the savings depend on where they plan to travel and the procedure that they undertake. There are several medical travel packages on the market, as well as support to help find suitable accommodation that often helps reduce the cost even more.

Shorter waiting times

While waiting lists in some countries to undergo medical procedures, even in the private sector, can be extensive, they are significantly less than those in the UK and US alike. Short, or no waiting time at all, can be a major benefit to patients seeking to undergo medical treatment as soon as possible, despite having to travel abroad. So much so that in one year alone, more than 400,000 international patients travel to Bangkok, Turkey and Thailand for medical care.

Speciality treatments unavailable elsewhere

Unfortunately, some medical procedures or prescriptions are simply banned from taking place in the UK and US. Whether it has been specifically disallowed, is still in the testing trials stage or has only recently been approved, medical restrictions can be different from country to country. However, more often than not, these restricted medical treatments are offered abroad in reputable foreign hospitals and clinics.

Better quality care abroad

It is a common misconception that medical treatment received abroad in developing countries around the world is not as high-quality as the care that can be received in the UK.  But, foreign clinics and hospitals that are designed to cater for the medical tourism industry are some of the best in the world. Most, if not all, foreign hospitals are equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and employ highly qualified nurses and doctors, providing high quality care. Some countries have even invested in developing an array of research infrastructures that lead to new developments in healthcare, proving they are a trusted gateway to the expansion of medical tourism.

Unique travel opportunities

Although medical tourism is about obtaining reduced cost medical care, one of the many side benefits of medical tourisms is having the opportunity to travel to another country – a country you may not visit otherwise. Medical tourists specifically seeking cosmetic care, dental care or wellness treatments abroad can particularly enjoy the opportunity to travel abroad, and a majority of medical tourism companies often partner with foreign medical providers to offer an array of travel packages, including airport pick up and drop off arrangements, pre-procedure consultant and 24/7 support for extra peace of mind.

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