Tips For A Romantic Vacation In Your Later Years

by Julia on October 27, 2017

It’s not difficult to find commercials, sitcoms, movies, or articles that cater to the romantic side of any couple, but as we age, our impression of romances changes with us. When you were young, anything related to romance more than likely made you gag.

As a teenager, being romantic meant finding a dark corner at the prom and making out until the principal caught you. In your 20’s and 30’s, romantic situations were something you really only dreamt of as the pace of life picked up and you rarely had time to pay attention to yourself, much less your spouse.

In your 40’s, you begin to understand the true meaning of romance. That it is as simple as spending uninterrupted, quality time with your lover. Vacation is a great way to accomplish that. Here a few tips for your next, truly, romantic getaway.

Choose A Destination That You Both Enjoy

Vacation is exciting. It is the time of year that you and your spouse get the opportunity to leave behind the cares of reality and take a romantic adventure together to the land of your dreams.

However, if you both don’t genuinely approve of the destination, it’s possible that at some point during the trip, one of you will have a difficult time finding a handle on the moment and spend that time wishing you were somewhere else.

This will not bode well for the passionate setting your aiming for. If you are more comfortable at an amusement park and your love is thinking more along the lines of a secluded beach, you may run into some difficulties. Choose your destination together. It’s more than okay to compromise. Just make sure there is beauty in the trip for both.

Make Sure To Have Everything You Need

On any trip, there is always that one thing you forget. For many, it is a little as a toothbrush or deodorant. For others, it can be as detrimental as forgetting vitamins, medication, or passports. Make sure to sit down together and make a list of everything you will need to bring on your getaway.

Go through the list, item by item, and make sure they are all accounted for before you pack your bags. After you have loaded up the car, it’s not a bad idea to check the list one more time. Going over it more than once may trigger the thought of something else you intended to pack, as well. Santa is wise when it comes to checking lists. Make sure to follow suit.

Take The Time To Enjoy Each Other

You are finally there! Away from all the noise and stress of reality. All you need and have is each other’s company. Enjoy it. Take the time to reminisce about the past. Seize moments to be spontaneously passionate.

Spend time watching the sunset silently in the refuge of each other’s arms. Laugh with each other when things don’t go as planned and don’t weigh the trip down with a hefty schedule. Have long conversations and be goofy together, like you used to be. Spend time just being.

A truly romantic vacation is a blessing many don’t get the opportunity to experience. If the chance finds you, use these tips to make it a memory that will last a lifetime.



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