Top 7 Attractions in Rome

by Julia on October 4, 2017

Rome, the eternal city, where 3000 years of history is waiting to be discovered. Is it any wonder that Rome has become one of the world’s most revered and visited cities?  Rome is a city full of discovery, a place to learn from, and be consumed like a flagon of Roman wine! For such a well know destination it’s worth reminding ourselves of just what this amazing city can offer.


  1. 1.       The Colosseum:

One of the first things you do when arriving in Rome is purchase  Colosseum tickets. You just need to stand and look up to appreciate its scale and grandeur, and know it’s money well spent. It’s amazing to think that over 500,000 people died and a million animals were slain for entertainment purposes in the arena. It’s lesser known for being a theatre, performing dramas and re-enactments of famous battles and executions. Whatever it’s past, the Colosseum should be the one number attraction of choice.


  1. 2.       Palatine Hill & The Roman Forum:

Close to the Colosseum is Palatine Hill (one of the Seven Hills of Rome) and the main entrance to the Roman Forum. In-fact before visiting the Amphitheatre, exploring the hill and forum are often the best way to visit these attractions. Once the place for the rich, it holds the Imperial Palace, the Farnese gardens and the House of Livia and well as the ornate ruins of the Forum. Also offering wonderful views over the city as you walk its paths. It’s worth noting that the Hill and the Forum are adjacent to each other, so makes for easy access.


  1. 3.       The Vatican:

As well as being the smallest country in the world, it also has the smallest population. Around 1000 people make it their home. It just so happens that Vatican Tours is one of Rome’s most visited attractions, with queues often snaking around St Peter’s Square. With so many important exhibits and artifacts (there are 9 miles worth of museum space) is it any wonder that so many people want to see them?


  1. 4.       Pantheon:

Constructed in 27 B.C, this temple to the Gods is an architectural marvel. Look up and take in the dome with its oculus, admitting the sunlight to its centre. Swivel around and follow the tall columns that reach towards heaven. There is nowhere else that quite matches its majesty. Even though it’s been copied many times over.


  1. 5.       Trevi Fountain:

This baroque masterpiece, which depicts Neptune in his shell-shaped chariot, led with majesty by seahorses, is the place to gather and mix with the masses. It’s not difficult to understand why there are always crowds gathered around, throwing in coins in the hope of finding love or a return trip to the city. It’s a fountain like no other. It’s also a great place for the obligatory selfie image too.


  1. 6.       Spanish Steps:

Not Spanish in origin, but it certainly contains steps! And the longest and widest in Europe too. At the bottom, you’ll find a Barcaccia fountain, at the top the Trinita dei Monti. It’s a place to sit, contemplate your trip and watch the shoppers head for nearby designer shops.


  1. 7.       Piazza Navona:

After all that touring, it’s sometimes nice to sit, sip a nice coffee and just appreciate the sheer uniqueness of the city. With its three fountains and large size square, the bustling Piazza Navona is a perfect stop-off. It was once the site of sporting events. You’d be hard-pressed to find enough room to play any sports as there is so much going on.



Rome is a city with a secret on every street corner. It’s a destination to explore, to unlock some of the secrets of its past. It’s often referred to as the ‘eternal city’. Visiting these key attractions and you’ll soon understand why it’s been given that name.

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