Why Canyons Are the Best Choice for Your Authentic US Holiday Experience

by Julia on September 13, 2017

 Have you heard the call of the wild? Perhaps you were fascinated by Cowboys and Indians when you were a child? What would you say if we told you that you could relive some of your age-old fantasies, and enjoy a truly unique holiday at the same time? Does this all sound too good to be true? Well think again! There’s a lot to be said about choosing a canyon for you next stateside holiday. So, if long walks under the starry skies, hard days in the saddle and bottomless gorges are top of your bucket list, read on to find out why US canyons should be the top of your list.

 Modern Commodities and Facilities Are always a Given

Now, we know you might want the authentic western experience, but we know you won’t want to sacrifice too much on comfort – it is a holiday after all.  Canyon hotels offer a range of accommodation and room-types to meet with your budget, without scrimping on style or comfort. Don’t forget to check out the authentic cuisine for that all-round canyon experience. If you’re thinking of taking a trip to Utah then Ruby’s Inn will make for an unforgettable stay. Find out more about bryce canyon hotels.

 Way out West

Fancy doing your grocery shopping and taking a trip back in time? Do you dream of swinging through saloon doors? You can pick up a whole lot more than just delicious freshly baked bread or local treats in canyon towns. In fact, you will even find fossils, rocks and local handicrafts too – each unique to the region you’re visiting, a great memento for your nearest and dearest back home.  So, go on, give the wild west a try.

 Make like Buffalo Bill

Perhaps you are saddle shy or out of practice? Even if you’ve never spent much time on horseback, why not give it a go. Not only is horse riding a more leisurely paced way to see the sights and stunning views that await you, it will keep the kids happy and entertained too. It will also provide you with unique holiday photos for the album. Don’t worry, as strict health and safety measures mean you and your party will be kept in good hands.

Four Wheels Are Better than Two

More of a petrol head? Or perhaps you don’t want to slow down too much. Don’t worry, there’s a buggy or ATV to suit all driving abilities and sizes, if you fancy a more adventurous way of seeing all that scenery that’s waiting out there for you. Even if you’ve never given ATV driving much thought, there are experienced instructors on hand, and a choice of tours – from sunrise to sunset – available for you to choose from. Not much of a petrol head? Why not take your time to discover some of the acres of trails and routes that stretch across and around US canyons? Most locations will also offer bike rentals or bike tours too.

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