What it’s like working on a Cruise Ship

by Julia on August 9, 2017

Working on a cruise ship is all about having fun. Living and working aboard you’ll be helping guests have the trip of their life, travelling to exotic destinations all over the world, experiencing international cuisine as well as making friendships that last a lifetime. But what is it really like living on board a cruise ship? Is it really for you?

We’re not suggesting that working on a cruise ship is for everyone, onboard life is very different to life on land. You can expect to be away from home for up to 9 months, working a range of shifts everyday while sharing a room every night (or the other way around). But you’ll be having loads of fun and learning new stuff too.

Training and Development

Reputable cruise lines have dedicated training and development programs to ensure that their staff gain professional skills in a world-class environment. You can expect as a standard to build and enhance your job-specific skills as well as gain an introduction to management and leadership. Many cruise companies also have employee loyalty and recognition programs awarding prizes and benefits to their top performers.

Cruise Staff Benefits

You’ll find all your basics like uniforms, laundry, meals and bedding provided, but you’ll need to pay for things like WIFI, phone calls, snacks and toiletries . Many cruise lines also offer medical care, wellness programs, and dedicated staff areas like gymnasiums, learning centres, bars and swimming pools so you can relax in your downtime. We’d have to say the number one staff benefit was being able to get off the ship in ports all over the world experiencing incredible food and shopping as well as amazing landscapes and historic sites. And all with your new friends too!

The Naughty Stuff

You are absolutely allowed to date your co-workers but fraternising with guests is a guaranteed way of losing your job and being put off the ship at the next port. Cruise ships are really strict about it! If you’re an entry level employee you’ll probably be sharing a room with 3-4 other workmates so dating can be a little challenging. We’ll just say that scoring a room all to yourself is a guaranteed popularity bonus.

Getting Started on a Cruise Ship

Do you have the energy for a nine month stint at sea, travelling the world with a group of dynamic, adventurous souls? We think holding a Nationally Recognised Diploma or Advanced Diploma in Travel and Tourism is a great way to get you on your way (especially when managers and supervisors are the one who get single rooms).

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