Most Beautiful Motorcycle Routes In North America

by Julia on August 4, 2017

Those who love their motorcycles understand the joyous and satisfying feeling of riding down the wide open road with the wind blowing steadily across your skin.  There is nothing quite like it.

The heightened state of living, and adventurous feeling of flying down the road, takes the senses to a whole new level.  You could never match the feeling of being one with nature from the inside of a sedan.

To help the mind understand the beauty we describe, here are a few excellent suggestions for some of the most beautiful motorcycle routes in North America.

Pacific Coast Highway, Carmel to Morro Bay, California

The Pacific Coast Highway offers a diverse range of sights unlike any other route on the list.  The PCH offers visions of crashing surfs, towering redwood forests, cityscapes of famed destinations, and curvy sections to keep you alert.

The Big Sur section of the coastal highway, in particular, showcases the eclectic landscapes of the great state of California.  It is recommended that travelers planning to tour the PCH should avoid riding on summer weekends.

Also, take time to check out Hearst Castle, a storied hilltop mansion just off the Big Sur section of the Pacific Coast Highway.

Tail of the Dragon, North Carolina to Tennessee

The Tail of the Dragon consists of 318 tight curves in just an 11 mile stretch of pavement.  The legendary U.S. 129 will leave riders full of excitement after the hair-raising exhilaration of the unforgiving dragon’s tail.

If the danger is a bit intimidating, take heart.  There are no trucks allowed on the Tail of the Dragon.  Do not use this route to test the boundaries of your motorcycle insurance.  You may easily find yourself involved in an accident.  Go check out this stretch of road to enjoy the ride, not to test your bravado.

Blue Ridge Parkway, North Carolina to Virginia

If the mountains are your thing, the Blue Ridge Parkway has plenty to offer.  Experience passing through historical Civil War battle sites and the age-old Great Smoky Mountains.

The Blue Ridge Parkway is well-known for its excellent maintenance.  The 45 mile per hour speed limit will require you to slow down and enjoy the views.

Going-to-the-sun Road, Montana

Only a small, 50-mile stretch of road, Going-to-the-sun Road in Montana is only opened to riders in the summer.  It is a route for only the most skilled riders.  Touring the Montana trail will pose more twists and turns than a silly straw.

Be sure to check the forecast before heading out, and bring your favorite pair of binoculars.  There are plenty of big horned sheep and mountain goats to be observed.

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