Doing Disney World On A Family Sized Budget

by Julia on July 7, 2017

Planning a trip to Walt Disney World is intimidating at best, especially when the planning is for a family of five.  Between the cost of dental and vision plans, school supplies, and field trips, kids are super expensive.  Planning a vacation can be quite a rare treat.

Children may think it is a dream come true to visit Disney World, but parents will quickly find themselves trapped in a nightmare without the proper pre-trip planning.  The best way to begin planning a Disney vacation with the kids is to find low-traffic times, catch the best lodging deals, and make plans to eat at the best-suited eateries in Orlando.

Kids need stimulation, and the worst thing to do is leave them with too much free time.  Take a moment to look through this all-inclusive collection of tips and tricks for planning the perfect family vacation to Walt Disney World this year.

Disney’s value seasons

The best way to save money on purchasing Disney vacation specifics is to plan a trip in the off season.  The lines will be shorter, the sun’s rays will be cooler, and the prices are always lower during the off season.

The best times to catch the lowest rates on tickets and accommodations are typically in Jan and Feb; in April and May; the middle of August through the end of September; and the weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Check into purchasing magic your way

Look into choosing a vacation package for the family through Disney’s “Magic Your Way” options. The official Walt Disney World website offers the chance for visitors to sign up to receive special offer and announcements.

It also offers the chance to take advantage of the Magic Your Way program that allows families to custom fit their vacation packages to their liking, so no aspect of the trip is paid for and not used.

Stay at a secondary resort or hotel

Instead of planning a week-long vacation at Disney’s Magic Kingdom resort, try choosing a less prestigious location for the family’s accommodations.  Disney World separates their hotel resorts into three different pricing categories.

One of the most inexpensive choices for Disney accommodation is the Pop Century Resort.  Coronado Springs is a resort classified by Disney to be in the intermediate price range.  More exclusive and popular resorts, like the Grand Floridian Hotel, offer high-end accommodations with a high-end price.

Rider swap tickets are an amazing convenience

Rider swap tickets are a great way for families to stick together inside the parks.  The main purpose of the tickets is to keep parents close to their small children.

When a kid needs their parent to accompany them on a ride, the rider swap pass allows the parent to immediately head to the front of the line to ride along.  It is quite handy for single parent families with more than one young child.

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