10 Best Philippines destinations for Solo travelers

by Julia on July 3, 2017

The Philippines is one of the fastest growing tourist destinations in the world, attracting many different types of visitors. With over 7000 islands, there’s something for everyone to enjoy, as these islands are so different from one another. So, even if you are travelling alone you should have no problem finding places to go where you can meet new friends quickly. Once you find such locations, one great option is joining a group tour or even a complete travel package. Sharing fun activities really makes meeting people much easier.

Best beaches in the world – Boracay

Boracay island is probably the best place to travel to by yourself, for several key reasons. First of all, this island is very small and full of people – so like it or not you will have to mix in with the crowds. Secondly, the beautiful beaches and amazing nightlife create the perfect setting for mingling. The third and last reason is that Boracay is the most popular tourist spot in the country – so you are much more likely to find people similar to you here than anywhere else.

Paradise Island – Palawan

Palawan is also a huge tourist magnet, and is considered by many to be the best island in the world. It’s also one of the biggest provinces in the Philippines, and offers many different locations. So, finding your place here should be quite easy. The capital, Puerto Princesa, and El Nido are both full of tourists and offer beautiful beaches, island hopping tours and plenty of bars and restaurants. Coron island on the other hand, is perfect for backpackers in search of adventure.

Surfer’s haven – Siargao

Siargao island has been famous for decades as one of Asia’s premier surfing spots. In recent years, with the building of a new airport, the island has become much more welcoming for a wider audience. Still, the surfing vibe remains and dictates the island’s atmosphere, so Siargao is especially recommended for young and active people. Surfing resorts offer the chance to join a group – a perfect way to meet new friends.

Big City adventure – Manila

Manila can be a bit intimidating at first, and you might wonder how can one not feel lonely in such a huge city. While this is true to an extent, Manila has many popular spots and activities which will allow you to mix in with a new crowd. The city certainly has the most diverse and engaging nightlife in the country, as well as many ways to satisfy any hobby you might have and meet like minded people.

Best beach near Manila – Puerto Galera

If Manila didn’t prove a good solution, you could always make your way to one of the many beautiful locations nearby. Out of these, Puerto Galera is our most recommended one. Only 4 hours drive away from the city, it offers no less than 40 beaches and world class diving spots. Puerto Galera is also one of the best places for organized tours and diving packages – another great way to meet new friends. You can join these groups while booking your Puerto Galera tour package here.

Peaceful community – Batanes

If there’s one place in the Philippines where you are guaranteed to never feel alone, it must the stunning island of Batanes. This place is the smallest province in the country, and an extremely peaceful and quiet one. The local culture and mindset here are very different than other places, and Batanes is most suited for those who seek a quiet retreat which will allow them to become one with nature. Homestays are the popular accommodation choice – a great way to blend in with the locals.

Best diving spots – Malapascua

Malapascua in Cebu Island is another great place to go diving. The island is small and there’s a strong sense of community among its visitors. You’ll surely make friends quickly, as you go on diving tours together and then head back to the shores for a beer. Malapascua is suited only for people interested in diving, since there isn’t much else to do around there.

Luxury experience – Mactan, Cebu

Mactan is a small island right next to Cebu city, and it’s actually where the airport is located. It’s also home to some of the most fancy beach resorts in the Philippines. Many island hopping tours go out of Mactan – a great opportunity to join a group and turn strangers into friends. People who want a VIP experience should strongly consider coming here.

Young and Vibrant – Dumaguete

With only 100K people living in it, Dumaguete is a relatively small city in Filipino standards, but it has a special significance. Over a third of the population are students, making the city a key educational and cultural center. There are many museums everywhere, as well as bars and nightclubs. Just go down the busy promenade at night and you are sure to have a blast. Dumaguete is also very close to Cebu, so it’s easy to combine into your vacation.

Perfect nature island – Camiguin

If your main goal for your Philippines vacation is to experience its nature and wildlife, then Camiguin island is the place to go to. This small volcanic island is a paradise for everyone who seeks to leave civilization behind and immerse in the beauty of nature. Over there you’ll find countless hiking spots, white and black sand beaches, and world class dive sites.

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