Why do people love a beach holiday?

by Julia on June 20, 2017


It’s a pretty big question, and you’re bound to get just as many answers as the number of people you ask. Everyone has their reasons for loving a beach holiday, but there are some reasons that many of us share.

Takes you far away from work

When work is stressing you out and you’re overwhelmed with worries, the best way to relax is to put yourself in a completely different environment. For people that live in the city, the beach is as far away from work as possible. There are no reminders of your responsibilities or your worries, which means that you can get your much needed headspace and make the most of your holiday.

A chance to do nothing

Who ever heard of having a ‘productive’ day at the beach? The problem with getting away to the city or somewhere with lots of tourist attractions is that some people feel as though they need to set an agenda to make sure that experience everything that there is to experience. Rushing around to tourist sites and ticking things off your holiday bucket list can be stressful and effectively ruin a holiday. The great thing about the beach, however, is that there isn’t anything that needs to be ticked off a list. When you’re at the beach, the only think you need to do is relax, swim and sunbathe – and maybe eat a couple of ice creams.

The beach look

The ‘just come back from the beach’ look is one that so many people try to recreate with expensive products and treatments. It’s the textured hair, golden tan and soft skin that completes the gorgeous summer look and a beach holiday is the best way to achieve all of this. There is also a whole list of beauty benefits you get from going to the beach. Sunshine and seawater can dry out spots and seawater is a natural exfoliant in addition to containing silicone, which leaves skin looking tighter and smoother, and containing iodine, which can give you healthy hair follicles.

The science

The magnesium in seawater has a calming effect on your nervous system, which helps you feel more relaxed, and research has shown that the sound of crashing waves can alter the wave patterns in your brain, making you feel calmer. If you find yourself being more energetic at the beach, that might be because of the vitamin D that you get from form the sun. Vitamin D boosts your production of serotonin, which is a neurotransmitter that makes you feel energised and happy.

The view

There’s just something so peaceful about looking out at the ocean and it’s even more amazing to see if you stay long enough to watch the sunset. The beach is a great place to take photos and if you’re with someone you’re keen on, sitting on the sand and watching the horizon is one of the most romantic ways to spend an afternoon.

The activities

If you’re not one for relaxing at the beach then you’re probably the type that indulges in all of the activities. You can play volleyball on the sand or grab a wetsuit and surfboard and hit the waves. On the beach and in the water, there is so much to do and so much fun to be had, and what makes the beach so special is that some of these activities can only take place at the beach.

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