4 travel essentials you will never forget again

by Julia on June 6, 2017

With summer quickly approaching everyone will be booking their days off work for holidays. If you are either going for a family getaway, a clubbing holiday with your friends or just going on a relaxing getaway with your other half. This list will go through what you should take on your holiday and essentials for any of these types of holidays. Gear Hungry has provided this great list please go visit them for some great products to take on holiday, buying gifts for your loved ones or indulging in a gift for yourself.

  1. First Aid Kit

This is essential when you are going on holiday, especially if you are going on a partying holiday with your best mates. Many things can happen when you’re drunk, falling over, cut yourself or maybe even get into a fight. If any of these happen having a first aid kit will help you incredibly. Including things such as bandaids, plasters, tweezers and sterile eye dressings etc. Another reason a first aid kit can be very useful is if you are suffering a headache, high climate fever or an upset stomach, the first aid kit will have the necessary pills and medicine that you might need.

2. Pack for all weather conditions

This is very important, do not just pack for one type of weather condition, not matter where your going. For example if you are packing for a summer holiday do not just pack shorts and t shirts, also pack a pair of jogging bottoms or jeans and maybe a thin jacket to get ready for some rainy conditions. And maybe even try to fit an umbrella in your hand luggage that you hope you will never have to use.

3. Adapters

Adapters are extremely important when traveling to a foreign country. If you planned to plug in or charge anything you must bring adapters. If you do forget them you can buy them at the airport but the prices are just horrible. So I would most definitely advise you buy them before the trip. Another thing to remember which falls under this same bracket is that you should take all valuables in your hand luggage, it’s very rare that the airport will lose your luggage but are you really going to risk it. This can range from camera’s, jewellery and laptops.

4. Save bag space for all your holiday purchases/ presents

This is very important if you are going on either a family getaway or a holiday with your other half, this rule does not really apply to those who are partying in locations such as ibiza or sunny beach. Obviously you would love to bring a present back for your friends or family, these presents can be objects such as something that would remind you of that certain destination such as a keyring or a t-shirt. Depending on how many people you would like to buy for would result on how much room you save in your suitcase when preparing to leave.

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