Cell Phone Features That Will Enhance Your Trip Abroad

by Julia on June 5, 2017


As a traveler, you want to make sure you have all the tools you’ll need for your adventure. Your smartphone is a tool that can enhance your trip and prevent any itinerary hiccups you may encounter. You can use your phone for taking photos, streaming atmospheric music through your speakers and watching video content, while you travel. In addition to these features, you should also make sure your phone can be used while you’re travelling abroad with an international plan, Wi-Fi calling and in-flight messaging. Here are some cell phone features you should use while you travel abroad:


You need a phone with a camera that can capture high-quality photos of the amazing sights you encounter on your journeys abroad. Make sure your phone camera has the capabilities to take photos in low light, as there will likely be nighttime memories you want to capture. Additionally, make sure your phone has a good rear-facing camera for selfies. For more information about which smartphones have the best camera capabilities and features, check out Tech Radar’s list of the best camera phones of 2017.


Choose a phone with an outstanding screen so you can watch media content in crystal clear definition, while you travel by plane, train or car. The Samsung Galaxy S8 plus has an infinity display that maximizes the size of the display screen to accommodate larger images. The default resolution on the Galaxy S8 plus is Full HD+ and can be changed to Quad HD+ in settings. The screen resolution is 529 ppi, which gives you a crisp image and vivid colors.


When you are in a remote place, on your own, it is comforting to have music fill the space around you. Make sure your phone has high-quality speakers that can provide you with the kind of audio ambiance you seek for your experience. Choose a phone that has twin speakers with the capability to bring stereo sound from both the base speaker and ear speakers. This will ensure that the sound quality is better than mono speakers and can fill your room with your favorite music. Mobile Scout has in-depth reviews of phones that have high-quality speakers for music lovers.

International Plan

Make sure your phone is set up with an international plan, so you don’t rack up roaming rates that are exponentially greater than your usual bill. With these plans you have the potential to get 4G LTE and free Wi-Fi calls to the U.S., Canada and Mexico from included countries. You can customize your plan with add-ons, so your international communication is tailored toward where you are travelling, the duration of your trip and what kind of service capabilities you will need. Nerd Wallet has a detailed list of the best international cell phone plans, comparing different carriers.

In-Flight Messaging

T-Mobile provides their customers with unlimited in-flight texting, which is perfect for travelers who have to be reachable while in-transit. Through T-Mobile, you can get Free Wi-Fi and texting through three easy steps. When you’re in the air, you turn on your Wi-Fi, open your browser and click the T-Mobile banner on the Gogo start screen for access. You can use free Wi-Fi for one hour and text messages and pictures throughout the flight using iMessage, Google Hangouts, WhatsApp and Viber.

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