Why It’s Easy To Get Sweet On Austin, Texas

by Julia on May 8, 2017

Austin is a city unlike any of the cities in the rest of the USA. For one, it’s a got a huge lake right in the middle of it. But that’s far from the only or even the best reason. Here, we’re going to look at why the state capital of Texas invites so many people to develop the sweet tooth that keeps them coming back for another taste.


A taste of big city life

It’s a big city with all its metropolitan stylings, but things are still a bit different in Texas so you can expect the same the state capital. In particular, when you explore the best things to do, it might be surprising that one of them includes the hugely popular trips from the Steam Train Association, taking a ride on some of the best preserved old-school trains in the country. Texans are known, of course, for just how friendly they can be and that comes out in full force at the spring-fed Barton Springs Pool. Even if you’re used to city life, a dip surrounded by smiling faces is undoubtedly refreshing.

A taste of great music

You can’t ignore the music of Austin. It doesn’t let you. Practically any time of the year you want to visit, one of the eighteen major music festivals is going to be on. From roots rock, blues, and bluegrass to electronic and reggae. If you have any preconceptions of what to expect, then expect them to get blown out the water. If you want something just as passionate but on a little bit of a smaller scale, then there’s always great music and atmosphere to be found at the Broken Spoke where you can two-step your way to bliss.

A taste of the wild

Texas is well known for its wilds and as the heart of the state, you’re never too far away when you’re in Austin. Ignoring Lady Bird Lake for a moment, there’s also the Barton Creek Greenbelt (or just the Greenbelt to locals). Here, a diversity of peaks, limestone cliffs, and mossy floors make for an excellent sight. Whether you see the glassy green water of the creek or explore the gorgeous exposed roots at its driest, it makes for a good stop the whole year-round.

A taste of something sweet

Just as the music packs quite the diversity in its punch, you can expect the same of the food. Texan cuisine is famous for its mix of classic American BBQ, soul food, Mexican influence and much more. But when you want somewhere to relax, there are few places worth visiting as some of America’s most gorgeous wine trails. Whether you care to take a sip or explore the rolling hills and explore some of the delicate beauty around the city, it’s worth a visit.

Just one lick of Austin, a single weekend, and it’s easy to get hooked. From the people to the music, to the natural beauty, and even the wine. There’s a lot that will keep you coming back.

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