4 Things You Should Do In Italy

by Julia on March 16, 2017

Most people would agree that taking a trip to Italy is one of the most life-enriching things that you can do for yourself.  With rich history, kind people, and some of the most delicious food on the planet, it is no wonder that many people have this location on the top of their list.

When you plan your trip to Italy, make sure that you have the following things to do on your calendar, and never worry that you missed the most important parts of Italy.


Take Tours

While you’re in Italy make sure that you take advantage of all of the beautiful nature, architecture, and historical locations.  Sometimes the best way to enjoy these sites is by leaving it to the professionals.

Consider signing up for a tour which gives you a guided experience of these places.  Some people may fear something like taking a tour might be too “touristy,” however, it can be challenging to navigate on your own without knowing some of the insider tips.

One of the nice perks about taking part in a tour rather than going on your own is the advantage of being able to skip the long lines which can take upwards of hours of waiting just to see certain places.


Hang Out With Locals

One of the biggest mistakes that people make when traveling is not taking advantage of hanging out with the locals.  In order to truly and genuinely experience a place, you must be willing to hang out with people that live there in the places often located off of the beaten path.

Often you will find that these locations where locals only hang out with very little tourists are the real heart and soul of a location.  It is common for some of the coolest spots not to appear like much from the outside, but from the inside are bursting with action, interesting people, great cuisine, and ambiance.


Eat Authentic Cuisine

Make sure that you go the places in Italy which boast authenticity.  If you go somewhere which is on a pretty popular route full of tourists, this doesn’t necessarily mean that the food is going to be great.  Often this means that it can be quite the opposite since these places value quantity and high volume over quality.

Therefore, one of the best ways to find a great place with authentic local cuisine isn’t the tourist spots, but almost always given to you by a local.  Ask around about what some of the most recommended places are where locals eat.  You’ll almost always find that this is a foolproof way to get the scoop.


Go On a Gondola Ride

Make sure that you go on one of the most romantic tours of your life in a beautiful gondola in Venice.  As the water sparkles against the ancient walls and your gondola driver makes you gently sway in the water, you will feel a little slice of heaven.

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