Why Should You Make Greece Your Next Stop in 2017?

by Julia on March 15, 2017

Whether you’re thinking of having a lively and exciting holiday in 2017, or one that’s a little more luxurious and laid-back, Greece is the place to go. It’s a destination that caters for every ‘type’ of holiday you could ever want, and is suitable for any budget and every holidaymaker. But if you want a little more persuasion, here’s why you should make Greece your next stop in 2017…


The weather

Greece is located in the south-east of the Mediterranean, making it a popular destination with holidaymakers hoping to get a tan. Despite the fact 2016 was the one of the warmest years in Ireland since 1900, Greece knocks it out the park: the country enjoys lots of sunshine, and it rarely rains between April and September, making it the perfect place to catch some rays! Holiday to one of Greece’s smaller islands if you want to catch a sea breeze to cool you down while you’re basking in the sun.


The beaches

If an aquamarine coastline is the view you’re daydreaming of when you imagine going on holiday, Greece is the place for you. With miles and miles of coastline to explore, (Greece is a country made up of thousands of islands – though only 227 are inhabited) you won’t be short of a sandy beach to sink your toes into.

Some of the most popular beaches in Greece include Balos (in Crete), Sarakiniko (on Elafonisos Island), and Navagio (in Zakynthos). And, with so many islands, you’ll easily find the right ‘type’ of beach for you. Some beaches are popular with tourists and loaded with amenities, whereas others seem to be known only to locals – quiet, sun-soaked and peaceful. Greece’s beaches are known for being family friendly, and great for holidaying couples, groups and singles, so check them out.


The history

Another reason Greece is such a fabulous destination is the fact it’s a place with plenty of historical significance. Known as the birthplace of democracy or the ‘cradle of Western civilisation’, Greece boasts landmarks that will make you feel as though you’re time travelling. From the stadiums where Olympic athletes competed, to outdoor theatres and the Acropolis of Athens, history buffs will be spoilt for choice.


The low prices

Incredibly, Greece offers accommodation from as little as €6 a night, and flights from as low as €23! So, it’s the place to head to in 2017 if your budget is a little tight. Your budget might stretch the furthest in somewhere like Crete, whereas as luxurious holidays are to be had in Santorini. That said, there are holiday packages for every budget in Greece, so you can spend as much or as little as you want and still have a great holiday… the perfect reason to go to Greece.


The food

One of the best bits about going on holiday is the food, isn’t it? Well, you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to the dishes on offer in Greece. Greek feta cheese, olives, refreshing salads, souvlaki, taramasalata and moussaka are all must-tries, as is the fresh fish and meat, and honey with baklava. The Greeks are known for having one of the healthiest diets in the world, so head there if you want to make 2017 your year for trying new, healthier food.


So, why not consider making Greece your next stop in 2017? You won’t regret going!

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