How to: top up your career skills whilst travelling

by Julia on February 22, 2017

Whilst you’re hopping from one exotic destination to another, taking in all the sights and enjoying the freedom of nomadic life, the last thing you want to think about is work.

We get it.

Stretched out on a beach with an ice-cold beer in hand, nine-to-five office life feels a million miles away right now.

It’s a paradise we don’t want to ruin with boring chat about morning commutes and average salaries.

But unless you’ve won the lottery, sooner or later you’re going to have to get a job.

Whether it’s as a bartender in Amsterdam or a call centre operator back home in England, at some point you’ll have to replenish your travelling funds by earning a few extra pennies.

And in such a competitive market, only a stellar CV packed full of experience and boast-worthy skills will help you secure a decent paying job.

With that in mind, we’re running through a few key ways of topping up your CV and boosting your career prospects whilst travelling.

#1: study as you go

When you first leave school, university and travelling are always talked about in an either/or kind of way – either take a gap year to explore the world or head straight off to further education.

But with several quality universities (like Anglia Ruskin, for instance) offering the chance to study a distance learning degree online, there’s no reason you can’t do both at the same time.

So long as you’ve got an internet connection and a spare afternoon or two a week, you’ll be able to return home with a passport full of stamps AND a degree under your belt.

#2: learn another language

The majority of tourists won’t speak the national language of the country they’re visiting, and will instead memorise a few basic phrases to see them through their holiday.

But being fluent in another language is a key skill all employers will find attractive, and there’s no better way to practice your pronunciation or build up you vocabulary than amongst native speakers.

So set yourself a challenge and put all your effort into perfecting your high school French (or mastering an entirely new language, if you’re feeling brave) during your time travelling.

#3: start a blog

We know it’s a millennial cliché but even if you don’t become the next Zoella, starting a blog is a great way of helping your CV stand out from the crowd.

Creative thinking, editing, writing, photography, social media expertise – a travel blog is evidence of all of these transferable skills. Even better, by linking to it in applications, your potential new employer can get a clear sense of your personality and character.

Plus, with so many amazing free hosting platforms available, you don’t have to sacrifice any of your travelling budget to set one up.

#4: accept volunteer positions

You’ll never have more free time than when you’re jetting off around the world and setting your own itinerary, so take full advantage of that freedom by volunteering.

From environmental projects to teaching gigs, there are plenty of different options to suit you and your interests.

Even though you’re not being paid, you’re gaining some invaluable work experience and getting the chance to explore varied careers without the pressure of a full-time contract lurking over you.

So long as you make the most of every opportunity that comes your way whilst travelling, you’ll be able to head home with a winning CV no prospective employers will be able to resist

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