How to travel post Holiday Expenses

by Julia on January 5, 2017

Pretty much everyone that celebrates the holidays is strapped for cash after everything is over. We spend a great deal of money on giving the perfect gift which unfortunately leads to most of us overspending. If you want to be able to travel after all of the festivities, you are going to need to use a few tips and tricks to stretch your dollar so that you can get where you need to go and have proper lodging. These ideas are great ways to travel in a more affordable manner year round too.

- Use Any Frequent Flier Miles From Credit Card Purchases

 If you have been shopping and using your credit card for purchases during the holidays then you might have racked up some frequent flier miles that you can use to reduce the cost of traveling. Frequent flier miles are a common reward that many major credit card companies offer their customers for making purchases. There is usually a set amount of miles that are awarded for a preset amount that is spent on each transaction.


- Use Your Preferred Customer Card At Hotels

 If you join a preferred customer program with a hotel chain or hospitality group you can earn free nights at your favorite hotels, inns, and motels. If you are trying to save money or have a limited budget then this is a great strategy to be able to travel without spending much money. There are also many discount clubs that offer deals on stays at chain lodges around the country. Some of these cards will also offer discounts at other retail businesses as well. You can go wrong with a preferred customer card. If your favorite hotel offers to enroll you then you should definitely do it. It is wise to know how to travel post-holiday expenses.


- Use a Travel Company

 A great way to travel on a dime after the holidays is to use a travel company or travel agent because they can offer you better deals than you might be able to find anywhere else. Many companies such as Viator offer coupons and promo codes that can reduce the total price from the already low price. A travel company is knowledgeable about the best rates and time of year to visit a particular location.


- Take Advantage Of Last Minute Cancellations

 If you search for last minute cancellation of both flights and hotel accommodations you could save some serious money. When individuals cancel at the last minute companies need to try to place customers in that spot. They make the cost of the flight or the room more attractive so that they can quickly fill the vacancy so that they don’t lose out on business.

Even though you might have spent too much money over the holidays, you can still travel in style without having to spend a fortune. Using these tips and tricks can save you a ton and make your dollar stretch even further. By doing a little research and taking advantage of deals and discounts you can still travel without wiping out your bank account.

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