Four Ways to Save Money on Travel Expenses

by Julia on December 9, 2016

When you’re on a budget, finding ways to travel without sending your bank accounts into the red can be difficult. Saving money on food and sightseeing while you’re away helps, but the big expenses like flights and hotels sometimes stand in your way. Have you been hoping to get out of the country while struggling to save enough money to plan a trip? Focus on four big ways to save money on travel expenses so you can jet set a little more often.

Stay in Hostels or Homestays

Hotel prices make traveling difficult for those on a budget. The longer you stay, the higher your hotel bills become, no matter how cheap your rates are to begin with. Instead, check out hostels and homestays for cheaper living options. Hostels often offer multiple rooming options, and you can save money and find reputable, clean options relatively easily. Homestays give you the chance to live with natives, offering you an invaluable cultural experience and the chance to make international friends.

Try Voluntourism

Voluntourism is a new way to travel that is gaining popularity around the world. Instead of simply spending money on a trip, you travel to a place in need of assistance, and you trade your volunteering for a cheaper trip than you otherwise could take. Voluntourism gives you the chance to experience another country in a way you’d miss if you traveled there strictly as a tourist.

When considering voluntourism, do your research. Some voluntourism opportunities are more helpful and reputable than others. Make sure you’re assisting the community in a valuable way and not just interfering.

Shop Around for Travel Protection

Travel security and protection is important when you’re traveling abroad. You hope nothing will happen while you’re away, but unfortunately you face risks when you travel. Injury, illness, civil unrest, and crime are just a few things to worry about. Compare travel protection plans and costs to find the one that works for you. Look for reputable brands; membership to one like MedjetHorizon offers medical transport and crisis response to set your mind at ease.

Look for Tour Bundles

Flights are another huge expense when you’re traveling. The farther away you go, the more expensive your flight is. Booking in advance is one option for securing an inexpensive flight. Also, check out tour bundles, which arrange flights and lodging for you as part of a group. These groups often offer cheaper rates than you’d find if you booked your flight and your lodgings by yourself. You also get access to a tour guide and a fun tour group! Tour bundles are fantastic if you’re traveling alone or if you’ve never been abroad before.

Traveling can be quite expensive, but when you focus on planning a frugal trip you can find great ways to get out of the country and enjoy other cultures without spending more than you can afford. Visiting other countries and making wonderful memories is available to you on your terms and your budget if you’re willing to do some research and find creative ways to travel.

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