Traveling Abroad Long term With Children

by Julia on October 25, 2016

While traveling abroad with kids isn’t easy, it is not impossible. That can be encouraging for people who wish to have children but don’t want to give up their adventuring ways. In this post, we won’t talk about the legal ramifications of this kind of lifestyle. That’s up to you, because every different home nation is different in that regard. Instead, we’ll talk about some of the tips and tricks of long term traveling parents. It’s very possible to live a life on the road with your kids in tow. Here are some ways that you can do just that.

1)    Choose Destinations That Offer Diverse Experiences of Adults and Children. One of the biggest mistakes when parents taking children abroad, especially for long periods of time, is to choose a place that doesn’t offer the same level of fulfillment to both parents and children. In the long term, this can lead to burnout for both groups. Instead, pick a place that has options for both, including plenty of things you can enjoy together, like the Giants Causeway Tour in Belfast. Long term travel requires a strong mix of work and play. This can be hard to balance when bringing parents and children into the mix, but with good planning you can do just that.

2)    Let the Kids Manage Aspects of Their Own Education. It will be necessary to maintain regular education routines for kids. Luckily, homeschooling and virtual classrooms make this easier than it has ever been before. There are also some aspects of international travel which are excellent for a child’s education. There is no better place to learn another language, or world history, than a foreign nation. Many kids will teach themselves a new language with little or no input from you. If you can ensure that your kids maintain standard education requirements, making use of internet classes and the like, your kids can have a well rounded, and even better than average, education.

3)    Communicate Regularly With the People Back Home. It is very easy to “go off the radar” when traveling abroad, especially if you are a busy parent of children. Combat this by using Skype, email, traditional post, social media, and any other methods you can think of to keep you and your kids in touch with the people back home. Maybe you can start your own family blog or Youtube channel, to give you and your kids a forum with which to share your experiences. Whatever you choose, keep in touch with the important people in your life. Just because you live in another country, doesn’t mean you have to let those relationships drift.


There are lots of great ways to make international travel great for families – parents and children. Sometimes it can seem like the trip is all about one or the other, but with preparation and cooperation, you should be able to create experiences that bring the family together. Long term travel is challenging – all the more so with kids. If you learn the ropes before you make it happen, you’ll be prepared to have the time of your lives!




























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