Top 5 kid-friendly destinations in the world

by Julia on July 11, 2016

Travel is no longer just about relaxing, it is about self –discovery, exploring, and opening yourself to the world. That is why learning about new places on holiday and educational vacations are becoming more popular.  Now it’s time to turn your dream vacation into a real trip, so pack your bags and get ready to fly. We all want to go to new places, have fun,  see and experience new things and have a great time. Luckily the advent of cheap tickets means we can go now. And better still it doesn’t cost a fortune to take your family with you these days.

Here are some popular family friendly world cities where you can enjoy with your kids

London – Is a smart travel city for family vacation. There is no language barrier, the food is kid friendly (especially for chips lovers!) and there is a lot to do here. Harry Potter lovers can head for an amazing tour to Harry Potter Studio. The Tower of London gives you a taste of old English History. The London Eye gives you the grand view of England from top of the Ferris wheel. Other ways to experience London as a family are – Catch a football game, Eat dinner at Brick Lane (you get amazing Indian food here), Ride a public transport, Chill at a pub (you have family – friendly pubs here in London), hit the playground – Diana Memorial Playground in Hyde Park.

Paris – The French capital offers plenty of fun for the family. The Eiffel Tower is an obvious must. Other iconic pieces of architecture are the Arc de Tromphe and Notre Dame Cathedral. The Luxembourg Gardens are a special favorite. The especial attractions here are the wooden boats that sail on placid ponds, and puppet shows.

Cancun (Mexico) – You get the best of both worlds – a beach vacation a lively city life. Parque de Palapas is the city’s central park, which offers performances, playgrounds and the food carts. Isla de Mujeres  is an island off the coast- the  Garrafon Reef Park here lets you swim with dolphins and stingrays. You can even take a ride on zip line.

Sydney – this place offers exotic animals, amazing culture and many activities to keep the children occupied. Iconic Opera House is necessary see – it often features shows for younger guests.A walk across the Sydney Harbour Bridge or Skywalk on a glass – floored platform above the city is good for sightseeing.There are family – friendly beaches with playgrounds for out-of-water fun. A visit to Sydney Aquarium is awesome – its home for over 12,000 marine animals.

Rome – The most finicky eaters like Italian cuisine – the pizza, pasta and gelato are in no short supply for the kiddos. Those who love arts and history will find something around the corner for themselves. There are art works of masters like Leonardo Da Vinci and Michelangelo spread around the city. A visit to the Forum and the Colosseum is essential, let us not miss the Pantheon.

The above-mentioned are all must visit places, some are expensive and some are within budget. Travelling around the globe is fun especially with family but the only downside is the hassle of booking tickets.

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