How To Save Money When Planning A Road Trip

by Julia on March 18, 2016

Road trips are an exhilarating way to see new places and enjoy the magical feeling of the wind blowing in your hair. If you’re planning the adventure of a lifetime in the coming weeks and you’re on a tight budget, bear these money-saving measures in mind.

Plan your route to avoid toll roads

If you’re driving in a country with lots of toll roads, extra costs can soon mount up. Before you set off, plan your route and find some alternative roads, which you can use for free. It may take you a little longer, but you could save a significant sum over a few weeks.

Do your research

Research towns along your route and plan some free activities. Museums, galleries, beaches and parks are affordable options. Start organising a rough itinerary in the weeks ahead. If you want to visit attractions, such as theme parks, look out for coupons and vouchers, which may save you money on admission. Keep your ear to the ground and scan social media sites to hear about local festivals and free events, which may be taking place during your visit.

Shop around for the best car hire prices

If you’re hiring a car for your road trip, it’s essential to shop around for the best deal. Make sure you look at quotes, which include insurance cover. You may wish to pay a little more for a second driver or a more comprehensive policy. Check out car rental deals with HotWire to give you an idea of fees.

Stock up on snacks

If you’ve got a long drive ahead of you, stock up on snacks to avoid stopping for a main meal. Roadside cafes and shops charge a premium for convenience. Print out or download any coupons for restaurants or takeout meals.

Check gas prices

The price of filling up varies according to location. You can now use technology, such as apps, to pinpoint the lowest petrol prices on your route. The cost tends to increase when you get out of major towns. Avoid service stations, as they are usually much more expensive. Stock up on fuel points in the months ahead and use them to get a discount during your road trip.

Book accommodation in advance

If you’re planning to stay in hotels along the way, try and book in advance. You can often get cheaper rates if you reserve a room a few weeks or months before you travel. Look out for discount codes for hotel websites and ask reception if there are any discounts available for the dates of your stay.

Road trips can be expensive, but they can also be a really economical means of travel. If you’re budget-savvy, you could save a lot of money before you even hit the tarmac. Plan ahead and make use of discount codes and special offers. Save your coupons and listen out for news about free activities or special offers at entertainment venues. Make use of the scenery for your entertainment and follow recommendations for cheap gas.

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