Flying Smart with your Smartphone

by Julia on February 12, 2016

With 76 percent of travelers now using airline apps, smartphones and the traveling experience are irrevocably integrated. Now, not only can you book your flight, rent your car, and reserve a hotel room from your phone, you can also monitor your flight information and get airport news and updates. Use Passbook on your T-mobile iPhone 6 while you’re in the airport to keep track of your boarding pass and flight information, all in one convenient destination on your phone.

Cell phone use off the ground used to be extremely restricted, but with airplane mode and in-flight Wi-Fi, you’ve got more access to your smartphone’s features than ever before. Whether it’s a connection to in-flight entertainment, the ability to check emails and make calls while in the air, or ordering food and drinks from your phone without waiting for the flight attendant, people now want connectivity between their cell phones and the flights themselves. It’s all possible, too, now that the FCC has started to allow connected smartphone use above 10,000 feet.

Start looking for flights with picocells, which will allow you to make calls while on an airplane. While you’re still on the ground, download some of the best apps for flyers and travelers. Flightview is great for managing all your airport and flight tracking information, while iFly Pro offers features including airport maps of over 700 airports. With your smartphone in your hands, traveling via airplane has never been more convenient. Check out the following for more details on flying smart.

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