7 Things About Outdoor Travel Your Boss Wants to Know

by Julia on January 23, 2016

If you are an outdoor enthusiast and work for a boss who wants to take an exciting vacation, there are many outdoor travel tips you can suggest. Not only will you impress your boss, but you’ll also have the chance to share your outdoor passion with someone else. Here are seven things about outdoor travel your boss will likely want to know.

Less Expensive

Outdoor travel is usually less expensive depending on the destination and the type of activities your boss wants to do. Camping supplies can usually be found at a cheap price and can be used to provide adequate shelter while outdoors. Setting up camp near a creek or lake will provide the opportunity to enjoy activities like swimming and fishing for free. If a power source is needed, a reliable generator that’s low in cost can usually provide adequate lighting and power for cooking. Other inexpensive camping supplies include blowup mattresses, folding chairs and food and beverage coolers.

Camping Not Always Necessary

If your boss doesn’t like the idea of sleeping in a tent or under the stars, there are lodging facilities that are perfectly suitable for outdoor vacations. Certain hotels, motels and resorts are located in areas that are adjacent to national parks and other outdoor havens. Staff members at these facilities can even recommend fun outdoor activities and arrange guided tours through local wilderness areas.

Rejuvenated Mindset

Spending time outdoors while on vacation can help foster a greater sense of inner peace and harmony. Being among the wilderness is one of the best ways to escape the stress and hassle of everyday life. Mohonk Mountain House blog is just one of many online blogs that emphasizes the importance of finding mindfulness, and spending time outdoors can help anyone feel more centered. Engaging in yoga, meditation or other activities that align the mind and body in an outdoor setting can further enhance this effect.

The Best Time of Year

The best time of year to enjoy outdoor travel depends on your boss’s interests. If your boss enjoys basking in the sun and doesn’t mind a little extra heat, you can suggest a summer excursion that includes a stay in a desert or at a wilderness lakeside location. A trip to an area where the colors of fall foliage are omnipresent is a great idea if your boss enjoys beautiful scenery and wants to take an autumn vacation. For the true adventurer, an outdoor vacation to a winter wonderland will provide the opportunity to see snow-covered trees and landscapes. Spring is an ideal time for people who don’t like extreme temperatures and want to experience pleasant climate conditions.

The Proper Precautions

You should advise your boss to take the necessary precautions to ensure his or her safety. You’ll want to recommend bringing along a flashlight, plenty of bottled water and a compass or GPS navigation system. Bug spray and insect repellent can ward off pesky critters that are known to leave bite marks on skin. If you’re a real nature aficionado, you can even provide information on the types of plants and animals to avoid at all cost. Your boss’s friends and family who aren’t along on the trip should be notified in case of an emergency.

Mode of Transportation

Your boss should be informed of all the transportation options that are available for outdoor travel. If your boss owns an SUV or is willing to rent one, the vehicle should be reliable enough to travel across all types of terrain. Certain wilderness areas rent kayaks and paddleboats to visitors, and this can provide another great transportation option if your boss wants to explore any nearby waterways. For a more environmentally friendly option, riding a bicycle is a great way to experience nature in all its glory while getting some good exercise.

International Travel Opportunities

If your boss has some money to splurge and wants to take an exciting outdoor vacation abroad, there are many different travel options. Taking a guided safari tour along the plains of Africa is one of the best ways to see some of the most unique wildlife creatures in their natural habitats. A kayaking excursion along the rugged coast of Iceland will give your boss the chance to see some beautiful glaciers and possibly some whales and other majestic creatures of the sea. There are also hiking trips that take place in the alpine regions of Europe. You can even suggest a bike tour that travels past ancient temples and other sacred places in Southeast Asia.

Everyone deserves a break in life, and an outdoor travel adventure may just be what your boss needs to feel more revitalized. All the suggestions you make can serve as inspiration for your boss and prepare him or her for the experience of a lifetime.

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