Mont Tremblant: Made With Old Man Winter in Mind

by Julia on December 23, 2015

Mont-Tremblant is less than 3 hours from Montreal, a popular tourist spot.  However, if you love the winter and small towns with lots to offer, then Mont-Tremblant is made for you.  As if it was engineered by Old Man Winter himself, Mont-Tremblant attracts those who love to ski, explore the winter landscape, and cozy-up next to a fire.  If you’re considering heading that way, here’s what is in store for you.

Casino Winnings

The Casino de Mont-Tremblant is home to local and visiting winners.  Swanky enough to be on the Vegas strip, the casino offers a nice mixture of class and excitement.  Home to five-hundred slot machines, scores of card tables, and in-casino restaurants and stages, it makes for a mini vacation in itself.

Tourist Park

You can catch a horse-and-buggy ride in most large cities, but in Mont Tremblant, you’ll be riding in a sleigh, sipping cocoa, and touring one of the largest ecological parks in the world, and it’s only a short distance away from affordable vacation rentals.  The Domaine St-Bernard offers plenty of trails.  Explore by vehicle or reserve a moment to take it all in while doing some ice fishing.

Cross Train

Cross-training involves a number of activities that keep the muscles guessing.  Burn calories while engaging in a number of Mont-Tremblant activities that include snowshoeing, tubing, cross-country skiing, and ice climbing.  If you love winter sports but don’t want to do ski or snowboard as normal, Mont-Tremblant has plenty to offer.

Dog Sledding

You’ve seen it done on adventure channels and read about it in classic novels, and now is the time to take the reins and manage a pack of canines, maneuvering your dog sled up and over mountainous terrain.  The guided tours take you through valleys and remote parts of the mountain.  Feel like one of the early winter settlers while taking an old-school sled ride.

Snow Biking

Biking natives of Mont-Tremblant are familiar with the sport of “fat biking.”  Using fatter tires on their mountain bikes, riders fly through powder as if they were on skis or attached to a snowboard.  It’s not advised if you’re a novice mountain biker, but those who have been riding for years are happy to know they don’t have to retire the sport during the snow season.

Tasty Treats

The area is home to over fifty restaurants and set to satisfy the varying preferences of natives and visitors.  Chefs and chain restaurants from around the world call Mont-Tremblant home, mixing local flavor with international recipes.  Of course, you’ll need to couple the food with a few drinks.  Enjoy a pint or cocktail at one of Tremblant’s pubs and ale houses.

Super Shopping

Mont-Tremblant is a treasure trove of shopping opportunities.  Whether you’re the kind of shopper who loves to visit rare boutiques or finds great deals at larger chains, it’s all here.  Oh, you forgot to bring enough clothing to this winter wonderland?  What a great opportunity to find a toasty and fashionable sweater, jacket, and winter cap!


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