Why Not Take a Road Trip When You Next Travel?

by Jules on May 12, 2014

No matter where in the world you travel to, there are sure to be possibilities for exciting road trips there. The world is full of wonderful roads which could lead us to wildly exciting places and help us meet new friends. So how will you go about working out what to do in order to enjoy this sort of unforgettable experience? The following are a few pointers to get you going in the right direction.

Get Some Transport

Most people head straight over to a car hire company to grab a car for their road trip. Some of the better ones are Hertz and Enterprise and Avis. For many people this works very well but you should bear in mind that there are alternatives.

You should consider the opportunity to buy a car for your road trip. However, it can be a very affordable option. You might even get your money back at the end. If you’re in the UK then a great place to search is on Gumtree. Click here and you might just pick up a bargain. Piston Heads is another great source for used cars in the UK. In the US and Canada you could try Moto Trader.

If you do go down this route then make sure you get the relevant insurance for your trip. Always stay street legal.

Plan a Driving Route

If you are on a trip to a foreign country then you are unlikely to want to just put your foot down and head off into the unknown. Instead, you will want to do some research to choose the best and safest routes available to you. There are plenty of internet articles which will tell you about the world’s best driving routes and ultimate road trips. From the Great Ocean Road in Australia to Stelvio Pass in Italy and from Death Road in Bolivia to the Alaska Highway, you will find some spectacular roads you might never even have heard of before. You should check local maps carefully, read reports from other drivers in the area and maybe check it out on Google Earth as well.

Check the Details

There are normally a lot of things to learn before you can hit the road. If we now assume that you have learned how to buy second hand cars at a good price and have decided what driving route most appeals to you, we need to check out the logistics. To start with, will your current driving licence be of use to you or do you need to ask for an International Driving Permit or some other form of paperwork? A couple of other factors to consider are the differences in the laws and road signs. These can vary greatly from one country to another and if you aren’t familiar with the local language that could make things even more difficult. You might even come across some of the planet’s weird and wonderful traffic signs. Studying the local driving laws and road signs before you start would be a smart move and could save you a lot of hassle later on. As well as the laws, you might also find that the local driving customs differ from where you are from, which can take a lot of getting used to if you aren’t fully prepared.

Plan to Enjoy It

We’ve talked a lot here about the logistics and kind of boring details like road signs. However, if you are planning an international road trip then the most important point of all is to enjoy it fully. This could be a once in a lifetime adventure for you and is sure to be something you never forget. To make the most of it you should be sure to plan it well and learn everything you need to know before you go. The more research you do beforehand the better the road trip is likely to be in the end. Take your time in planning it and it could be one of the most special things you ever do.

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