Get Involved with World Creativity and Innovation Day

by Jules on April 21, 2014

Did you know that 21 April 2014 is World Creativity and Innovation Day – what better excuse to embrace your creativity and new ideas!

Held since 2002, the day is now marked in 46 different countries all across the world where businesses, schools and local communities get involved with projects to foster new ideas for a brighter future. It was the brainchild of Canadian psychologist Marci Segal, who wanted to bring creativity to the fore.

How to celebrate World Creativity and Innovation Day

Today is all about really letting your imagination run wild, with many different ways to celebrate the day. Why not get crafty and create something handmade, or plant up a few vegetable seeds for an edible treat. Get busy in the kitchen and cook up something innovative (I’m loving sliders right now) or create a mood board made up of all your accumulated keepsakes from all the places you’ve visited in the world.

World Creativity and Innovation Day is also a great opportunity to start planning your next getaway. And if budget is an issue, why not think of some imaginative ways to save for a holiday.

Get thinking…

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