Tackle these Extreme Adventure Sports in 2014

by Jules on April 16, 2014

Looking for a fresh and exciting adventure this year? Then why not try one of these adrenalin-fuelled extreme adventure sports…

Shark Cage Diving in South Africa

All that separates you and snarling sharks is a wire cage – that said this thrilling sport is (pretty) safe and well worth it for the associated bragging rights!

Ostrich Racing in Las Vegas

Forget the uber-tame Vegas strip and opt for a spot of ostrich racing instead. Ostrich racetracks came to the USA back in 1890 and keen jockeys have taken up the challenge of riding these fierce beasts, which can run at speeds of up to 45mph, ever since.

Camel Trek the Arabian Desert

Did you catch Ben Fogle and James Cracknell’s new TV show over the New Year? Ben & James Versus The Arabian Desert was truly inspiring and enduring a gruelling camel trek across even a small part of the infamous Rub’ al Khali Desert requires rea grit and determination. Nicknamed the Empty Quarter, you’ll soon see why. Make like the epic explorers and train with Bedouins before climbing atop the notoriously grumpy ships of the deserts.

Running of the Bulls, Pamplona

Adrenalin junkies will appreciate the world famous Running of the Bulls event which is part of Pamplona’s annual San Fermin festival each July. In north Spain’s Navarre province, the appeal of running the half mile track along cobbled streets has attracted the curious from far and wide since 1591.

Rappelling the Marble Mountains

The laidback Vietnamese city of Danang is better known for its cultural temples and enigmatic tree-lined boulevards. But scratch beneath the surface and you’ll uncover exciting rappelling opportunities at the soaring Marble Mountains. Admire the view over land and sea for a few seconds before you begin a fast paced descent into dank caves which sheltered the Viet Cong during the war.

Bungy Jumping in Macau

You’ve not experienced a bungy jump until you’ve launched yourself off the 233 meter tall Macau – the tallest bungy jump site in the world! A New Zealand entrepreneur broke the record here back in 2007 and now you can have a go too.

Harness Zorbing in London

Who said you had to leave the city to soak up some adventure? Just a few miles outside of London is the largest zorbing park in the UK where you can opt for an solo trip, or partner up in a dual zorbing experience which hits speeds of up to 25mph – you’ll certainly know each other better after this scream-athon!

Image credit: Tim Matheson / Banana1 via wikimedia

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