Stay on Track With These 8 Travel Apps

by Jules on April 8, 2014

Do you like to travel? Who doesn’t, right? There are many apps available for smartphones that can make travel much easier and more enjoyable. These apps allow you to book hotels, find restaurants and attractions and even map out a quick route to your destination. Here are a few of the best.

City Maps To Go

It’s hard to enjoy your trip if you don’t know how to get to your destination or where to favorite restaurant, hotel or attraction. City Maps To Go can help you with that. This app works just like a GPS but gives you the directions you want and need right on your smartphone. You can also search the maps by points of interest.


Are you trying to find a great deal on your hotel room? You don’t have to spend hours in front of the computer or on the phone calling different resorts. You can use the Expedia app on your smartphone to do all of your hotel booking.

This app allows you to search for hotels in a variety of ways and even book your room right on your phone. You can also find great deals on flights and rental cars with the Expedia app. When you use the Expedia app, you can compare the prices of several different flights and hotels at once, so you save time and money.

Google Flights

Worried about booking your flight last minute? Don’t be. The Google Flights app allows you to compare ticket prices, find the right flight and even book your flight. You can find tickets from a variety of different airlines and book your flight from almost anywhere. You can also find information about layovers and flight delays, as well as contact information for the airports you are interested in.

The Roller Coaster Guide

Thinking about going to a thrill park or already at one and wondering which coaster to ride first? Let the Roller Coaster Guide help you decide. You can find out everything you need to know about a roller coaster you want to ride, find out what roller coasters are at which park and even book your park tickets with the app. You can even get great discounts through the app.

Packing Pro

Do you dread the thought of packing for your trip? Have you ever gotten to your destination and realized that you forgot an essential at home? The Packing Pro app will help prevent you from making those mistakes and help you pack better. The app shows you everything you need for any trip and will also allow you to keep a checklist of the things you have already packed.


Have you ever arrived at your destination and realized you have no idea what there is to do there? You aren’t alone, and luckily, there is an app to help you deal with such a situation. The Minube app offers hundreds of guides for a variety of locations. You can easily find the best attractions, restaurants and best kept secrets of any destination before you get there or after.

Xe Currency

If you are traveling to a country that uses a currency different from your own, this app will come in handy. Xe Currency will allow you to determine what currency you will need to use in the country you are visiting and tell you how much your money is worth once it has been exchanged. This convenient tool can even be used offline.

Seat Guru

If you want to have a little more control over your flight, Seat Guru can help you. This app not only allows you to book your flight on your phone, it can even give you a layout of the plane so you know where your seat will be located when you purchase your ticket. You can also get an idea of how close your seat is to restrooms and other parts of the plane.

Traveling is fun, but can sometimes be a hassle as well. If you take all of the hard work out of it, you can enjoy the fun part of traveling and open yourself up to new experiences. All you need to use these great travel apps is a T-Mobile cell phone and a few extra minutes. Let these apps help you will all your travel needs.

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