An Inspiring (Travel) Photography Contest to Follow

by Jules on March 28, 2014

Traveling is an interesting thing to many. This is because it gives people a chance to learn new things, meet new people and even to become more enlightened and informed. When traveling, there are many things that happen, people get to capture images of great places and features that they come across in the course of their journeys.

The Saatchi Art Motion Photography Contest is an example of an event that will bring together artists from all parts of the world as they try to showcase their talent and experiences in the course of their traveling experiences. These contests will involve images from different parts of the world considering that the participants will be drawn from all cultures and social backgrounds.

There are lots of inspirations to draw from The Saatchi Art Motion Photography Contest

When people travel from one place to another, there is always a way that pictures and videos are able to tell the story in a more defined way than narratives. Images speak volumes and that is why many people carry their cameras along each time they are visiting a new place or attending events that they consider important and worth remembering for ages to come. With the introduction of modern video cameras that come with better features, taking motion pictures have become much easier and one can therefore expect some spectacular images when the day of the main event comes to pass.

Some Outstanding Motion Pictures Already In the Contest

An underwater spell by Simon McCheung is one of the motion pictures expected to attract a large crowd on the day of the contest. This picture is about a person in pajamas who seems to be floating helplessly under the water. The camera captures this image in a spectacular manner that makes it look as if the character in the cast is actually floating in a space where there is no gravitational force. Since the event will be taking place in April of 2014, there is still time for any contestants willing to take part in the event. Registration is available online via Google+ or from the Saatchi art gallery online portal.

There Will Be an Opportunity to Learn More and Improve Photography Skills for the Winners

Everyone likes taking part in an event that can lead to career progression. In this respect, the Saatchi art motion photography contest is a good forum to meet other world renowned photography experts. Besides meeting many people in the form of contestants and art lovers coming to buy great pieces of art, one will also enjoy some benefits especially the winner. Winners will get several benefits including a tour round the world in the company of a photographer of their choice among many other things. It is therefore a platform upon which you can improve your artistic talent. Working alongside experts is always a thrilling and enlightening experience. Not only do you get a chance to see places but also to learn some rare tricks that make these great artists.

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