Enjoy the best Croatia has to offer in a unique combination of activity and relaxation

by Jules on March 24, 2014

Welcome to Croatia! I had the opportunity to take a holiday of a different kind which incorporated a mix of activity and culture thanks to Cycling Croatia (www.cyclingcroatia.com). Who would have thought I would go on a guided cycling tour of Croatia and enjoy it as much as I did? In particular I went on the specially crafted ‘Dalmatia Cycling Tour’. Flying in from London Heathrow in late February via Croatia Airlines which start from £543, I was instantly welcomed by glorious sunshine. Spanning Dalmatia, one of Croatia’s most beautiful regions, I had the immense pleasure of taking in the scenic environment, whilst on a bike. Surprisingly, I didn’t feel the burn at all. Nothing worse than the feeling of being locked up inside a gym!

The trip which was nothing like my previous holidays started off well as I developed an excellent camaraderie with my small group of 8 fellow activity seekers- a humble number which ensured individualised attention from our tour guide which would inevitably maximise our experience. With a detailed talk about our upcoming adventure and being kitted out with top bicycle equipment that ensured our utmost safety, we were ready to go!

Immediately, I knew my senses would be awakened by visits to hidden places of the beaten track with was made even more invaluable by local tourist guides who provided us with their expert knowledge of culture, history and gastronomy. We were taken on a special walk along Dubrovnik’s old city walls, which featured four fortresses along the way. These walls were special as they had survived sieges by numerous invaders and still stands today! Another highlight included the Ston Salt Factory where production still takes place under natural circumstances. It has been running for more than 8 centuries.

Being a massive foodie, I was most excited to try Croatia’s special cuisine and wines. My favourite dish (which I’ll attempt to recreate at home) is the Peka which includes all the common delicacies such as lamb, kid, wild boar and squid along with potatoes and vegetables. Truly satisfying! This was perfectly accompanied by the exquisite wine tasting experience at Plavac Mali. Watching the sunset with a glass of red wine was perfect.

All in all, the experience left me wanting more. The range of other Croatian guided tours are just as appealing as the one I undertook and all of this was of course, the best value for experience. Trust me, it beats lying on the beach doing nothing!

For further information visit www.cyclingcroatia.com

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