5 Reasons to Cruise on Small Ships

by Jules on March 6, 2014

The thought of a cruise evokes visions of gigantic ships, water slides, buffet-lined dining rooms, and towels folded into animal shapes.  Small ship expeditions are challenging these defining factors by providing personal attention and quality amenities.   Expedition ships accommodate 12 to 300 travelers, compared to large ships that carry 3,000 or more passengers.  Small ships cruises offer comfortable cabins, international cuisine, libraries, and meaningful lectures onboard from experts in their fields.  Of the many advantages of the small ship cruise, here is a list of our top five:

Quality Service - The crew is able to give personal attention and individualized service with fewer passengers onboard.  Guides take the time to answer questions in detail, and the small group size is more conducive to in-depth discussion during tours or lectures.  When the crew knows you by name and learns what your interests are, it shows their personal investment in making your experience exceptional.

Remote Access - Expedition vessels are designed to traverse the world’s waterways, yet are small enough to enter isolated locations that large cruise ships cannot access.  Vessels are equipped with zodiacs and kayaks for excursions to secluded shores, quaint coastal villages, or up-close wildlife interactions along the way.  Travelers are immersed in spectacular surroundings where they might wake up between blue icebergs or see porpoises race along the ship’s bow.  These intimate experiences are the true nature of an expedition tour.

Flexibility to Explore – Direct access to port cities provides good launching points for land exploration.  Excursions and tours are organized onboard and run smoothly straight from the ship.  Disembarking the vessel also allows travelers to meet local residents, experience the everyday life in new places, or perhaps even participate in a local festival.  View wildlife from a unique vantage point as orcas surround your ship in Alaska, or take the opportunity for spontaneous snorkeling in the open waters of the Galapagos. Travelers can sit back and relax but still enjoy the flexibility to capture any unplanned moments during the journey.

Interpersonal Experiences - Passengers get to know their fellow ship mates over enjoyable dinners that extend into late-night conversation.  The informality onboard results in a friendly atmosphere among the crew members and travelers.  The intimate feel on small ships results in a comfortable setting in which travelers can truly enjoy the people, places, and experiences they encounter.

Travel Responsibly - The cruise operators we work with share our desire to conserve the earth’s natural wonders for future generations.  Waste reduction, utilization of eco-friendly products onboard, and biodegradable amenities for passengers are responsible travel practices maintained by most operators.  Fuel efficiency is increased by managing engine speed, better itinerary planning, and ship design & construction materials.  Protecting the natural environment and inhabitants of destinations in is of utmost importance to small ship cruise operators.

Adventure Life takes pride in our intimate knowledge of our destinations and our dedication to sharing the world.  Our expedition voyages carry travelers throughout the globe for experiences of a lifetime.  We make finding a small ship cruise easy with all of the options consolidated on our website.

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