Latest Travel Trends Reveals Hottest Destinations for 2014

by Jules on March 1, 2014

So we all know that Brazil, Scotland and Riga are the tipped to be the hottest destinations this year – but what about the places that real travellers are actually visiting?  Our friends over at Airbnb have just revealed their latest travel trends, highlighting some unusual and truly inspirational destinations.

And the destination that’s inspiring travellers right now is none other than the landlocked country of Andorra, which is nestled within the Pyrenees Mountains. Best known for its superb skiing, dramatic scenery and world-class shopping, Andorra is proving a popular alternative to France and Spain, which it’s sandwiched between. In fact, interest in this microstate is up 312% according to Airbnb.

In second spot is the perennial favourite, Barbados – which is no great surprise really considering the hideous weather the northern hemisphere has faced over the last few months. Banish the Arctic blast and severe flooding with a spell under the warming rays of this Caribbean gem. Stunning colonial architecture, hypnotic Bajan beats and sumptuous watersports await.

And in third place is the Central American country of Nicaragua which is proving a popular alternative to neighbouring Costa Rica. Watched over by the ever smouldering Volcán Concepción and with a landscape studded with pristine lakes, Nicaragua more than earns its moniker of the ‘Land of Lakes and Volcanoes’.

The full top ten hottest destinations for 2014 according to Airbnb’s year-on-year reservations are;

1. Andorra: +312%
2. Barbados: +184%
3. Nicaragua: +180%
4. Bosnia and Herzegovina: +172%
5. Bahamas: +167%
6. Malta: +165%
7. South Africa: +159%
8. Morocco: +158%
9. Malaysia: +155%
10. Guatemala: +148%

Bosnia and Herzegovina is featured fourth on the list, with the traditional culture and diverse landscape billed as an alternative to Croatia. Next up is the tropical paradise of the Bahamas which is finding a whole new fan base. Malta also makes an appearance; not surprising really as this family friendly island is packed with prehistoric temples and pretty fishing villages, as well as the ubiquitous Mediterranean beaches.

South Africa is a real gem; this year is the perfect time to explore Nelson Mandela’s legacy. Sultry Morocco is perfect for year round travel, Malaysia is a popular alternative to Southeast Asian stalwart Thailand and finally, Guatemala is another alternative to Costa Rica.

Where are you going in 2014? Leave your comments and share your tips…

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